Bubbler Level Measurement Animation

Bubbler Level Measurement Animation shows the working principle of bubbler level sensor.

Working Principle:

A fixed constant air supply will be given at the inlet (min 10psi). When there is no level in the tank then total air passed to atmosphere through pipe in the tank. When the level in tank increases means the proportional back pressure increases and the increased back pressure is proportional to level in tank.

When tank level is more then back pressure will increases. With the use a electronic transmitters (like pressure transmitters) we can convert the back pressure signal into 4-20mA level signal.

Bubbler Level Measurement Animation

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8 thoughts on “Bubbler Level Measurement Animation”

  1. Hi Bharadwaj,

    All the contents are really good and helps to refresh the principles. Additionally can you also add the applications and usage of specific measurements in field. Just an idea.

    Eg: Magnetic Flow meters, Can be used only in Conductive fluids.

  2. Hello,

    We have a wastewater pond, we installed two different level transmitters, guided wave radar, and bubble type radar, the depth of the pond is 3.8 Mtrs, but both transmitters are giving different readings, radar showing 57% while bubble showing 48% reading, is the working principle different for both transmitters? for example the bubble measure from the bottom while the radar reflects from the top of wastewater?


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