Tank Filling and Emptying using Intouch Scada Script

This article is about how to write a script for tank filling and emptying using a script in InTouch SCADA software.

Tank Filling and Emptying

Follow the below step to see the script to fill and empty the level of the tank.

Step 1:

Open InTouch SCADA.

Create a new project and enter an animation environment.

To add a tank, click on “wizard” then click on “symbol factory” and hit “ok” to proceed.

Intouch Scada Symbol Factory

Step 2:

Search tank and add a tank that you want to use.

Search tank in Intouch Scada

Step 3:

After adding a tank to the screen, add one switch to provide the condition to fill the tank.

InTouch Scada Switch Graphics

Step 4:

Double click on tank to add properties and to give a tag name.

Click on “animation” and then choose “vertical”.

Animation in InTouch Scada

Step 5:

Clicking on a vertical will open up a new pop-up window as shown in the below window.

InTouch Scada Expression

Step 6:

Give a tag name and choose the range you want to add. Hit “ok” to proceed.

Assign Tag name in Scada

Step 7:

New pop-up as shown in the below window will open up.

In type choose memory integer. Choose maximum and minimum value. Hit “save” then close the pop-up.

InTouch Scada Program

Step 8:

Give a tag name to switch too. Hit ok ton proceed.

Discrete Switch Wizard

Step 9:

Now I will write the script. As I am using a single-window script I will use windows script.

Do a right-click and choose windows script.

InTouch Window Scripts

Step 10:

Here I have added a script to fill and empty the tank with the help of the switch.

In the first line of a script, you can see that to fill the tank I have used condition (==) and result (=).

Condition: If my switch is “1” means ON and tank level is less than 100 then the tank is going to fill (T = T + 2) with a rate of “2”. If you want to fill the tank in less time you can use any number from 1 (Low) to 10 (High).

In the tank emptying process, I simply have used OFF switch means when I put off the switch and level of the tank is greater than 0 (zero) then the tank is going to empty (T = T – 2).

So, “+” to fill the tank and “-“ to empty the tank is used.

Click on “validate” than “convert” and “ok” to load the script.

Tank Filling and Emptying using Intouch Scada Script

Step 11:

Check the process by clicking on the “runtime” button.

Tank Scada Script

Author: Suhel Patel

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Tank Filling and Emptying using Intouch Scada Script

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