Stilling Well in Interface Level Measurement System

Stilling wells are very useful accessories to many types of liquid level measurement gauges, including float and ultrasonic.

However, if used on a liquid-liquid interface level measurement application, care must be taken to ensure the stilling well is always submerged:

Stilling Well

Stilling well in liquid level measurement

Explain why a stilling well might be used in a liquid level measurement system, and also why it needs to be completely submerged if being used to measure the level of an interface.


If not completely submerged, the interface level in the well might not match the interface level in the rest of the vessel.

Here are two examples of how this might happen:

Stilling well pipe problems

Challenge question: describe a simple way to modify the stilling well pipe so that it does not have to be fully submerged to avoid these false interface measurement problems.

Share your answers and explanation with us through the below comments section.

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Credits: Tony R. Kuphaldt

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