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Problem with Sump Tank Level Transmitter

Suppose operators submitted a “trouble-call” to your instrument shop, claiming sump V-15 had an excessive liquid level inside of it (as indicated by LIR-134), and that the pump was not pumping that level down as it should:

Sump Tank Level Transmitter

Sump Tank Level Transmitter

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Question 1:

Identify at least three possible faults, each one independently capable of accounting for the high sump level indication. Also, identify any diagnostic tests you could perform on this system to pinpoint the nature and location of the fault.

Question 2:

Suppose this trouble-call came to you during a very cold winter day, when the outside temperature was well below freezing. How might this alter the list of potential faults?

Question 3:

Explain the purpose for having check valves on the discharge lines of the two submersible sump pumps.

Question 4:

Identify some of the different signal line types used in this P&ID, and what each of those line types means.

Question 5:

Identify some of the different pressure-measurement accessory devices visible in this P&ID.

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Problem with Sump Tank Level Transmitter

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