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Formula for Current 4-20ma to Percentage Conversion

Calculate the equivalent Percentage for any given current signal 4 to 20 mA. For conversion, we need transmitter Lower Range Value and Upper Range Value.

Current 4-20ma to Percentage Conversion

Formula for Current 4-20 mA to Percentage Conversion


Percentage, %  =   ((X-4)/16)(100)


X is current signal in mA


An electronic Pressure transmitter is ranged -1 to 5 Bar and has a 4-20 ma. Calculate the Percentage output by this transmitter if the measured output current is 13ma.

Percentage %  = ((X-4)/16)(100)

Percentage %  = ((13-4)/16)(100)

Percentage %  = 56.25

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Formula for Current 4-20ma to Percentage Conversion

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