Electrical and Instrumentation Test

We have a total 24 objective questions and answers for Electrical and Instrumentation Maintenance engineers to test their skills.

Electrical and Instrumentation Test

Electrical and Instrumentation Test

1. What happens when the heat is applied to the joined ends of the wires of a thermocouple?

A) The wires contract.
B) The wires separate
C) A small voltage is generated.
D) The wires start to rotate.

2. All of the following are common PPE used to perform maintenance activities EXCEPT:

A) Safety Glasses
B) Ear Plugs
C) Gloves
D) Work Permits

3. In the following diagram, what is another name for the NO Contacts in parallel to the “A” push button?

NO Contacts in parallel to push button

A) X-tra Open
B) Staging
C) Seal-In
D) Hold Fast.

4. Which of the following is classified as battery ratings?

A) Ampere-hours, nickel-cadmium, alkaline.
B) Lead-acid, voltage, resistance.
C) Internal resistance, voltage, ampere-hours.
D) Weight, connections, type of terminal fittings.

5. The pushing and turning force is called and is created by the magnetic field of the pole pieces and the magnetic field of the loop armature.

A) generator action
B) armature action
C) torque
D) motor action

6. There are basically two types of alarm modules in a typical annunciator system, they are:

A) Flasher pulse and static.
B) Alarm and Point Canister.
C) Relay driven or IC (integrated circuit) driven.
D) First and Flash reset.

7. In a D’Arsonval meter, what is the pointer attached to?

A) Spring
B) Magnet
C) Pivot Bearing
D) Coil

8. The device that includes a transducer and produces an amplified, standardized instrument signal is called the:

A) amplifier.
B) zero-order-hold.
C) transmitter.
D) filter.

9. What are materials that have NO free electrons at room temperature called?

A) Conductors
B) Semiconductors
C) Insulators
D) Resistors

10. The purpose of the oscilloscope is to provide the user with a graphical representation of:

A) Phase shift vs. Capacitance.
B) Current vs. Resistance
C) Resistance vs Voltage
D) Voltage vs. Time

11. In case of open tanks, i.e. tanks which are open to the atmosphere, only ends of the DP transmitter is need to be connected:

A) High Pressure
B) Atmospheric Connection
C) Low Pressure
D) Absolute Vacuum

12. Which BEST describes a Programmable Logic Controller?

A) A digital computer used for automation of electromechanical processes.
B) A safety interlocking device vital to the performance of machine guarding.
C) Preferred substitute for analog and digital transmitters on radiological equipment only.
D) Series and paralleled relays used to denote changes in process level and flow.

13. The volumetric flow rate is the volume of fluid passing a point in a fluid system.

A) under controlled state
B) density
C) per unit time
D) continually

14. The pre-tinning of wire prior to soldering is done to prevent:

A) weakening
B) thermal mass
C) surface area loss.
D) birdcaging.

15. When performing testing of energized electrical equipment rated at 480VAC what type of gloves are required?

A) Listed Leather
B) Cotton lined/Temperature rated
C) Low Voltage
D) High Voltage

16. In the following diagram, which best describes the Load Center Transformer?

Load Center Transformer

A) Step Down
B) Step Up
C) Stationary
D) Dry type tertiary.

17. In the following diagram, what will cause the lube indicator to turn “off”?

Lube indicator logic

A) Vacuum on the measured variable.
B) Decrease in lube pressure
C) No change in the operation.
D) Increase in lube pressure.

18. The power factor of a circuit is equal to:

A) cos θ
B) (E) (I) sin θ
C) sin θ
D) (E) (I) cos θ

19. The following symbol is an example of a :

lamp symbol

A) temperature switch.
B) coil.
C) lamp.
D) pressure switch.

20. Absolute pressure can best be described as:

A) The pressure relative to atmospheric pressure
B) The sum of gauge pressure and atmospheric pressure
C) The maximum blood pressure in the artery
D) The minimum blood pressure in the artery

21. Which BEST describes an Uninterruptible Power Source (UPS)?

A) Electrical apparatus that provides emergency power to a load when the input power source fails.
B) A synchronous motor/alternator connected on the main Bus power.
C) The utility, or incoming, power supply with an Automated Transfer Switch (ATS).
D) Series and paralleled batteries used to provide control power during outages.

22. In an AC circuit with R and L in series which relationship is true?

A) The voltage across the inductor lags the current through the inductor by 90°.
B) The voltage across the resistor lags the voltage across the inductor by 90°.
C) The current through the resistor lags the voltage across the resistor by 180°
D) The voltage across the inductor and the current through the inductor are in phase.

23. What is the purpose of the Rectifier section of the Variable Frequency Drive?

A) Converts AC to DC.
B) Develops a DC input to AC.
C) Monitors and develops current for the Microprocessor.
D) Filters output DC to a choppy AC.

24. The two most common types of incandescent lamps are:

A) tungsten filament and tungsten halogen lamps.
B) compact fluorescent bulbs and filament bulbs.
C) fluorescent tubes and filament bulbs.
D) tungsten filament and cold-cathode lamps.

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