Multiple Choice Questions on Sensors & Transducers

Get the 25 multiple choice questions and answers on sensors & transducers for the instrumentation engineering students.

Multiple Choice Questions on Sensors & Transducers

Multiple Choice Questions on Sensors & Transducers

1. Dead zone of an instrument is

A) The largest change of input quantity for which there is no output of the instrument
B) The time required by an instrument to begin to respond to a change in measurand
C) The unmeasured quantity which exceeds the maximum range of the instrument
D) The time required by an instrument to warm up initially

2. Capacitive transducers are normally employed for_________ measurements

A) Dynamic
B) Static
C) Both static and dynamic
D) Transient

3. _______ is the example of a photoemissive cell

A) Photo diode
B) Photomultiplier
D) Photo transistor

4. The difference between the measured value and the true value is called

A) Relative error
B) Absolute error
C) Probable error
D) Gross error

5. _______ fiber is used in interferometric instruments.

A) Multimode
B) Monomode
C) Coated
D) Birefringent

6. The principle of operation of a variable resistance transducer is

A)Displacement of a contact slider on a resistance
B) Movement of the magnetic field produces variation in resistance of a material
C) Deformation leads to a change in resistance
D) Coupling of two coils changes with displacement

7. Pressure transducer for measuring blood pressure is

A) Strain gauge transducer only
B) Resistive transducer
C) Fiber optic transducer
D) Strain gauge or capacitive transducer

8. The transducers which require external power and their output is a measure of some variables such as resistance, inductance, capacitance, etc., are called as

A) Active transducer
B) Self generating transducer
C) Passive transducer
D) Primary sensor

9. Photo conductive cell consists of a thin film of

A) Quartz
B) Lithium sulphate
C) Selenium
D) Barium titanate

10. Test electrode is also known as

A) Reference electrode
B) Indicator electrode
C) Primary electrode
D) Second electrode

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