Industrial Instrumentation Quiz

You can find the top 10 objective questions and answers on Industrial Instrumentation Quiz. A test also available at the end of the article to practice the questions and evaluate yourself.

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Industrial Instrumentation Quiz Questions

Industrial Instrumentation Quiz

1. The output voltage of thermocouple is very small, typically less than

A) 10 mV
B) 100 mV
C) 25 mV
D) 50 mV

2. Industrial thermocouple using thick wire have time constant

A) 0 to 5 seconds
B) 50 seconds
C) 10 to 20 seconds
D) 100 seconds

3. A thermocouple made from very small guage wire have a time constant

A) 10 to 20 ms
B) 100 ms
C) 30 to 50 ms
D) 1 ms

4. RTD has response time of _______ or more

A) 2 to 8 seconds
B) 10 to 20 seconds
C) 0.5 to 5 seconds
D) 1 to 10 seconds

5. The principle behind RTD is, metal resistance increases with ________ in temperature.

A) Constant
B) Decrease
C) Increase
D) Exponential

6. Radio transmitter is an electronic device which, with the aid of an antenna, produces _____ waves.

A) All the Answers
B) Radio
C) Infrared
D) Micro

7. In industrial process control a __________ is a telemetry device which converts measurements from a sensor into a signal, and sends it to control device located a distance away.

A) Transmitter
B) Control System
C) Sensor
D) Transducer

8. __________ can convert analog signals to digital signals (A/D), making communication swift and easy and can even send both analog and digital signals at the same time as denoted by D/A.

A) Sensor
B) Transmitter
C) Control System
D) Transducer

9. If a temperature transmitter is a smart transmitter, it will accept ________ signals from thermocouples and resistance signals from resistance temperature devices (RTDs), and thermistors.

A) mA or mV
B) millivolt
C) ohm
D) current

10. A transmitter’s gain, that is the ratio of the output of the transmitter to the input signal, is constant regardless of its ________.

A) Feedback
B) Output
C) Gain
D) Input

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