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Compare Two Offline PLC Projects

In this article, I will explain to you about the comparison of two different offline projects using Siemens TIA PORTAL.

When your PC has two different projects and if you wish to check both projects are the same or different ones then you can use a compare tool to identify the differences between the projects if any.

Compare Two Offline PLC Projects

Do follow the below steps to know about the comparison of two offline projects.

Step 1:

Open TIA PORTAL. Open any existing program or create a new one.

Save the project and again save it as a different name to compare to offline projects.

Here, I will add one of the valve control programs which I want to compare.

So, this is the first offline project window which you can see below.

How to Compare Two Offline Projects

Step 2:

To compare add the second project and click on the “view” icon as shown in the below window.

Now, do a checkmark in front of “reference project”.

TIA Portal Compare Two Offline Projects

Step 3:

The following reference window will be added to the project tree.

PLC Projects Comparison

Step 4:

Now, click on the below folder to add the second project.

Siemens Simatic Offline Projects Comparison

Step 5:

The following pop-up will open up. Now, select the second project which you have saved.

In our case, I have created a project with a name “valve control

The project which already open has a name “valve control123” is given which you can see in the below window.

Hit “open” to proceed.

Tia Portal Open Reference Project

Step 6:

As you can see in the below window the second project is added.

Siemens PLC Programs Compare

Step 7:

Now, do right click as shown in the below window and choose “compare” and select “offline-offline”.

Offline and Offline PLC Logics

Step 8:

The following window will open up.

Siemens Compare Editor Offline

Step 9:

Now drag and drop the second project.

Tia Portal Reference Projects

Step 10:

As you can see, the second project is added to the blank space.

You can also see the green radio buttons confirming that both projects are the same. If any conflicts are there is indicated in a different color. Which you can see in my article on comparing online and offline projects.

Then you can do a detailed comparison and check the reason for the conflicts.

PLC offline data of a project are compared

Author: Suhel Patel

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Compare Two Offline PLC Projects

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