Bently Nevada Vibration System Verification Procedure

Bently Nevada proximity probe and transducer system is mainly used for measuring the vibration of equipment in the oil and gas industries.

This system is also used to measure the speed and temperatures of the equipment. This system is used to protect the equipment by continuously monitoring its vibrations, speed, position (of shaft), and temperature.

Different types of systems for vibration, speed, and position measurement are defined based on the length and size/diameter of the sensor probe tip. We will discuss about the most common system.

The vibration, speed, and position measurement system have 3 components installed in the field i.e. proximity probe, extension cable, and proximitor module.

Based on probe tip, different types are available, they are 5 mm, 8 mm, and 11 mm (most commonly used). Similarly, different lengths are also available like 1 meter, 5 meters, 7 meters, and 9 meters.

Now how will you identify whether the combination you are having is compatible or not?

Bently Nevada Vibration System Verification

Let’s have a look into it.

Suppose the following are the part numbers of 3 components installed in your plant.

Vibration Probe: 330904-08-15-10-02-IN

Bently Nevada proximity probe

Extension cable: 330930-060-02-IN

Bently Nevada Extension Cable

Proximitor: 330980-71-IN

proximitor module


System length = Probe Length + Extension Cable Length

From the vibration probe part number, we can get the probe length by dividing the highlighted red number by 10 i.e. 10/10 = 1 meter in our case.

Bently Nevada System Length

Now from the extension cable part number, we can get the extension cable length again by dividing the highlighted red number by 10 i.e. 060/10 = 6 meters in our case.

Now as per the rule, System length = probe length + extension cable length, so system length should be 6+ 1 = 7 meters.

To verify the same, take the first digit of the highlighted red number from the part number of proximitor i.e. 7 in our case.

Here our system length is 7 meters and we also confirmed it by part number of proximitor as shown in the above image.

Also, the number highlighted in blue color should match in probe and extension cable part number as it is connector type i.e. 02 in our case.

This type of system verification will help us to cross-check whether the installed Bently Nevada vibration and temperature protection system was installed correctly or not.

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