Advantages & Disadvantages of Different Vibration Sensors

Application of Vibration Sensor/Transducers:

Measurements   on   Structures   or   Machinery   Casings:

Accelerometers and Velocity Sensors Used in gas turbines, axial compressors, small and mid-size pumps.

These sensors detect high frequency vibration signals related to bearing supports, casing and foundation resonances, vibration in turbine/compressor vanes, defective roller or ball bearings, noise in gears, etc.

Displacement measurements relative to rotating shafts:

Proximity Probes (capacitance or eddy-current) Used in turbomachinery supported on fluid film bearings, centrifugal compressors, gears and transmissions, electric motors, large pumps (>300HP), some turbines and fans.

These sensors detect shaft static displacements, unbalance response, misalignment, shaft bending, excessive loads in bearings, dynamic instabilities, etc.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Different Vibration Sensors

Advantages & Disadvantages of Different Vibration Sensors

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4 thoughts on “Advantages & Disadvantages of Different Vibration Sensors”

  1. Thank you for good points.
    One of the advantageous about acelerometers is high sensitive to noise .I have seen them on MV motors and due to noises , very often there is false alarms and it caused disconeccting the machine monitoring system from plc.

    Absolutely , manufacturers have some recommendations but you mentioned the general advantageous and I think there are general solutions , as well.
    would you please give more information.


  2. It’s interesting that velocity sensors don’t require external power and are easy to install. My uncle needs to get some vibration sensors since he is working on the bridge. I’ll be sure to share this with him so he can find the right sensors for his construction site.


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