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Turbine Flow Meter Verification

Question : 

” We have a turbine flow meter, gas chromotograph & flow computer installed at our site, similar units installed at GAIL terminal also. How metering can be done with these two setups. GAIL (gas distribution company) people used to do turbine flow meter calibration, is it possible to do calibration on site for a turbine type flow meter. Please let me know the procedure if any.”

Answer : 

  • No calibration is done on a Turbine flow meter. The meter can only verified or proved against a standard reference measurement
  • Meter proving is a physical test used to determine the accuracy and performance of the meters
  • The turbine meter can be proved by placing the meter in series with a meter prover which has a known or base volume in such a way that the fluid measured by the meter is also measured by the prover.

Turbine Flow Meter Verification

  • Regardless of the prover or meter type, the basic proving principle is as follows

Turbine Flow Meter K Factor Formula

  • The above needs to be updated in the Flow computer. Gas chromatograph will provide the online gas composition which can be used to calculate the molecular weight and Specific gravity of the fluid being measured.

 Basic diagram of a meter proving is described as below:

Turbine Flow Meter Calibration

– For more information, kindly refer to compact provers from Emerson and API chapter 4 which covers the proving of meters.

Arunbalaji Baskar

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