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Pressure Safety Valves Functional Testing


Test Equipment required :-

  1. Test Gauge
  2. Regulator
  3. Relief Valves Test Jig

Typical Test Sel-up

Pressure Safety Valves Functional Testing

Functional Testing Procedure :

a. Check and ensure instrument complies to datasheets. Check the relief/safety valve set point.

b. Hook up pressure relief valve as per the typical test setup shown above.

c. Check the manufacturer’s seal for setting.

d. Hook-up N2 cylinder to the test manifold inlet.

e. Adjust pressure via regulator. Gradually increase pressure until the pressure relief valve -pops”. Note reading on test gauge.

f. Ensure the reset value is within the tolerance. Reset value shall be recorded.

g. Items (e) ancl (f) popping and resetting should be carried out 3 times for confirmation.

h. Leak test the PSV or RV at 90% of the set point

I. DO NOT remove ‘Manufacturer’s seal or adjust setting.

j. Compile all results in Inspection/Calibration Pressure Relief Valve’.

Note: Any accumulated dust at the valve seat to be cleaned or flushed by clean air and after the test the valve to be packed or take action preventing dust particles settling at the valve seat. Advise to cap all the exposed  parts.

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