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PLC Counters Program

PLC Counters

Write a PLC Counters Program for the below example.

A certain process is to count the number of true-to-false transitions on input I:0.0/0 for a 10 second period.

Counting is to occur if input word I:0.1 has a value less than 10000 or greater than 20000.

The 10 second counting period is to begin 15 seconds after the process starts. I:0.0/1 is a process start input and input I:0.0/2 is a process stop input.

The count display is to be output to word O:0.0 only at the end of the count period.

All outputs are to be de-energized 5 seconds after the count period.

The process should repeat only after another distinct press of the process start input.

Write an efficient ladder logic program for this process.

PLC Ladder Logic

PLC Counters Program

You can share the detailed explanation of above PLC ladder logic with comments section.

Author : Dr. D. J. Jackson

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PLC Counters Program

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