PLC Program for Blinking Lamp on 5 Seconds Interval

Blinking Lamp on 5 Seconds Interval

This is PLC Program for Blinking (ON/OFF) lamp on 5 seconds interval.

Problem Description

Making the Indicator or lamp ON after five seconds and OFF after five seconds.

Make a program which switch ON lamp for 5 seconds, then OFF for 5 seconds, then ON for 5 seconds & again OFF for 5 seconds, and so on.

Problem Diagram

PLC Program for Blinking Lamp on 5 Seconds Interval

Problem Solution

  • This problem can be solved by using timers. In this case we will use TON (ON Delay Timer).
  • For explanation we consider one SWITCH for enabling the ON/OFF cycle and one lamp for output.
  • When user presses the SWITCH then lamp will energize and remains ON for 5 seconds after that it will OFF for 5 seconds. This cycle will repeat itself.

List of Inputs/Outputs

Inputs List

  • SWITCH : I0.0

Outputs List

  • Lamp : Q0.0

M Memory

  • M0.0 : bit memory for lamp OFF condition.

PLC Ladder diagram for Blinking (ON/OFF) lamp on 5s interval

PLC Blinking Lamp
PLC lamp OFF
ladder logic blinking light

Program Description

In this problem we will consider S7-1200 PLC and TIA portal software for programming.

Network 1 :-

In this network when SWITCH (I0.0) is pressed, when lamp OFF condition is not present then lamp (Q0.0) will be ON.

So here we used NO contact of SWITCH (I0.0) and NC contact of lamp OFF condition (M0.0).

Network 2 :-

In this network when lamp (Q0.0) is ON then TON (ON delay timer) instruction will be executed and it will set the lamp OFF condition.

So we have taken here NO contact of lamp (Q0.0), TON timer and programmed time is 5 seconds.

Network 3 :-

As per our condition, lamp OFF condition (M0.0) should be OFF after 5 seconds delay, so we have used TON again.

So we used NO contact of lamp OFF condition (M0.0) and TON with 5s programmed time.

Runtime Test Cases

PLC Lamp Ladder Logic

Author : Bhavesh

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    Then drain
    2 Washing 25 minutes
    3 1st rinse
    4 2nd rinse
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