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PLC Program using Logic GATEs

Write a PLC Program for the following task :

Write a program that ANDs B3:0 with B3:1 when I:0.0/0 is energized, ORs B3:0 with B3:1 when I:0.0/1 is energized, XORs B3:0 with B3:1 when I:0.0/2 is energized and COMPLEMENTS B3:0 when I:0.0/3 is energized. B3:1 is to hold the result in each case.

If more than one input I:0.0/0-I:0.0/3 is energized, only one of the operations will be performed.

The precedence order for operations should be from AND (highest precedence) to COMPLEMENT (lowest precedence).

PLC Ladder Logic

PLC Program using Logic GATEs

Author : Dr. D. J. Jackson

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