Magnetic Float Level Transmitter Working Principle

The magnetic float level transmitter devices using the principles of buoyancy and magnetism to generate a changing electrical output in response to the rise and fall of the float on the sensing guide rod.

Magnetic Float Level Transmitter

Magnetic Float Level Transmitter Circuit

The magnetic float level transmitter provides a 3-wire resistance output or can be equipped with an appropriate level transmitter to provide a 4-20mA analog signal indicating liquid level.

The sensing guide rod includes a series of reed switches along the entire measuring length. Placement of reed switches provides either of two possible measuring resolutions.

Magnetic Float Level Transmitter Working Principle

The “Magnet Float Level Transmitter” is composed of a float and sensing rod (shown below).

As the float is raised or lowered by the liquid level, the sensing rod will induce a resistance output, which is directly proportional to the liquid level.

The Magnet Float Level Transmitter is a sturdy, reliable and durable device that is applicable across most industries.

Magnetic Float Level Transmitter Construction

Magnetic Float Level Sensor Principle

Source : FineTek

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