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Free Download Thermocouple Calculator

Free Download Thermocouple Calculator

Download Thermocouple Calculator

Thermocouple tables according to IEC 584

  • Type B : Platinum-30% rhodium/platinum-6% rhodium
  • Type E : Nickel-chromium/copper-nickel
  • Type J : Iron/copper-nickel
  • Type K : Nickel-chromium/nickel-aluminium
  • Type N : Nickel-chromium-silicon/nickel-silicon
  • Type R : Platinum-13% rhodium/platinum
  • Type S : Platinum-10% rhodium/platinum
  • Type T : Copper/copper-nickel

Thermocouple Calculator Functions

  • Converting from millivolt to temperature for all types
  • Converting from temperature to millivolt for all types

Free Download :

Password : instrumentationtools.com

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