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Fieldbus Device Capability

Not all FF devices are equally capable in terms of Data Link (layer 2) functions. The FF standard divides data link device functionality into three distinct groups, shown here in order of increasing capability:

  • Basic devices
  • Link Master devices
  • Bridge devices

A Basic device is one capable of receiving and responding to tokens issued by the Link Active Scheduler (LAS) device. As discussed previously, these tokens may take the form of Compel Data (CD) messages which command immediate response from the Basic device, or Pass Token (PT) messages which grant the Basic device time-limited access to the segment for use in broadcasting data of lesser importance.

A Link Master device is one with the ability to be configured as the LAS for a segment. Not all FF devices have this ability, due to limited processing capability, memory, or both.

Some FF devices capable of performing advanced function block algorithms for certain process control schemes may have the raw computational power to be an LAS, but the manufacturer has decided not to make them Link Master capable simply to allow their computational power to be devoted to the function block processing rather than split between function block tasks and LAS tasks.

A Bridge device links multiple H1 segments together to form a larger network. Field instruments are never Bridge devices – a Bridge is a special-purpose device built for the express purpose of joining two or more H1 network segments.

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