PID Simulator Download

The PID controller simulator represents a very useful tool to understand the basic PID algorithm. Download and run the simulations.

Free Download Thermocouple Calculator

Free Download Thermocouple Calculator Thermocouple tables according to IEC 584 Type B : Platinum-30% rhodium/platinum-6% rhodium Type E : Nickel-chromium/copper-nickel Type J : Iron/copper-nickel

Humidity calculator

Humidity calculator for conversion of humidity measurements The humidity calculator is used for the rapid conversion of humidity measurements. Uniquely,

Moisture Calculator

Moisture Content Calculator for Liquids This Excel Spreadsheet is designed to allow one to input a solubility curve for a

Gas Detection Excel Converters

Gas Detection Converters milligrams per cubic meter to PPM micrograms per cubic meter to PPM PPM to milligrams per cubic

Ohms Law Calculator

Ohms Law Calculator Ohm’s Law defines the relationship between power, voltage, current, and resistance. The various possible formulas for Ohm’s

Valve Kv Sizing Calculator

This Excel Spreadsheet helps you to calculate the Kv, the flow rate and the differential pressure of a valve or