What is the Simple Alternative Vessel Level Indication?

A large vessel containing crude oil has a defective radar-based level transmitter.

Until the level transmitter is replaced by one of your co-workers, operators need to periodically check the crude oil level in the vessel.

The vessel is vented, but inaccessible to a tape measure, float, or any other manual “sounding” device one might ordinarily use to determine liquid level in a vessel.

Devise a way to provide a simple yet reasonably accurate level measurement indication for operators to use while they wait for the radar-based level transmitter to be replaced.

Alternative Vessel Level Indication

Alternative Vessel Level Indication

Connect a pressure gauge to any accessible port near the bottom of the vessel, and hand-sketch a “level” scale on the gauge face reading in whatever units of measurement the operators find most convenient to use.

You can correlating pressure in PSI to level based on the assumed density of the crude oil.

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Credits: Tony R. Kuphaldt

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