Question on Analytical Controller

The ratio between base flow and pigment flow in this paint-mixing control system is not fixed. Rather, it comes from the output of an “analytical” controller:

Analytical Controller

Question on Analytical Controller

1. Explain the rationale behind this ratio control system. Also, identify what the “other control system” might be that drives the base control valve.


The purpose of this control system is to control the coloring of the paint by analyzing its color using a special instrument, which feeds its color signal to a color controller (AIC), which then automatically adjusts the ratio between base and pigment to achieve the desired output color.

As for the “other control system,” it would most likely be a flow (production) controller.

2. Identify sources of dead time in this process, and which control loop(s) will have to manage despite the presence of dead time.

3. Analyze the effects of the base flowmeter turbine jamming, so that it does not spin even while liquid is still flowing.

4. Analyze the effects of the pigment flowmeter turbine jamming, so that it does not spin even while liquid is still flowing.

5. Assuming the AT outputs a greater signal as the paint becomes more pigmented, determine the correct action for the AIC controller.

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Question on Analytical Controller

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