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Pressure Gauge Accessories

The following are the Pressure Gauge Accessories:

  1. Snubber
  2. Pigtail Syphon
  3. U Syphon
  4. Gauge saver
  5. Gauge Adaptor
  6. Gauge Union

Pressure Gauge Accessories

Pressure Gauge Accessories


The Snubber (Pulsation Dampener) protects the pressure instruments from pressure pulsations / rapid pressure fluctuation. Ideal for instruments which undergo severe pressure pulsations like those located at the pump discharge.

Available in materials like CS, SS304, SS316, Monel, etc. The standard connection is 1/2” NPT(F) x 1/2” NPT(M) (other connection can be available as per requirement)


The Syphons are used to protect pressure instruments from the high temperature of the process fluid. It helps to reduce the service temperature so that the pressure instrument is exposed to a lower temperature.

Generally offered in 1/2” inch, 40 or 80 sizes (other sizes also can be available). The standard connection is ½” NPT(F) x 1/2” NPT(M). Plain end suitable for Butt-welding can also be offered.

Available in material like CS (A106), SS304, SS316, P11 etc. IBR Certification can be available as per requirement.

Gauge Saver

The Gauge Saver (Pressure Limit Valve) is used where the process pressure exceeds the over range limit of the pressure instrument. When the process pressure exceeds the preset pressure, Gauge Saver shuts off the pressure to the instrument and thereby prevents damage of the sensing element and protects the calibration.

Generally, the minimum setting offered is 1 kg/cm2g (lower setting also available). Normally offered in SS316 & Monel with the standard connection of 1/2” NPT(F) x 1/2” NPT(M).

Gauge Adaptors

The Gauge Adaptors are used for connecting instruments and accessories having a different type of threads. Conversion from male to female threads and vice versa is possible by selecting suitable adaptors.

Generally offered in material like SS304, SS316, Monel etc.

Gauge Union

The Gauge Union or Universal Adaptor (Swivel Adaptor) facilitates the positioning of the Instrument during installation. Generally offered in material like SS304, SS316, Monel etc.

The standard connection is 1/2” NPT(F) x 1/2” NPT(M).

Source: General Instruments

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Pressure Gauge Accessories

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