Turbine Flow Meters Working Animation

Turbine flow meters use the rotation of a rotor within a flow tube to translate the flow of liquid into a readable rate.

The rotation of a pinwheel (rotor) can be sensed mechanically, or magnetically. With magnetic sensors, the rotation of the turbine generates a “pulse” which is picked up by a sensor.

Turbine flow meters are ideally suited for low viscosity liquids.

Turbine Flow Meters

Turbine Flow Meters Working Animation

Credits : hytekflowmeters.com

Advantages of Turbine Flow Meters

The advantages of turbine flow meters are given below:
  • Simple well understood technology
  • Suitable for gases and liquids
  • Good performance
  • Relatively wide operational envelope
  • Low cost
  • Easy to install and operate

Disadvantages of Turbine Flow Meters

The following are the drawbacks of turbine flow meters:
  • Require clean fluids
  • Installation must be done carefully to avoid errors
  • Problems due to cavitations
  • Accuracy is affected by bearing degradation
  • Errors caused by viscosity changes
  • Require frequent calibration checks

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