Flow Transmitter Readings mismatch with DCS

A “smart” DP transmitter and orifice plate were recently installed to measure flow through a pipe.

The orifice plate range is 0 to 150 inches WC at 0 to 1000 gallons per minute:

Flow Transmitter Readings mismatch with DCS

Operations personnel register a flow rate of 699 gallons per minute on the display of their DCS, which they believe to be too much.

Based on what you see here, do you think there is a problem, or is this new system working as it should?

Answer :

The problem lies with the DCS, to be specific, someone has configured square-root characterization in it as well as within the transmitter!

Note : we considered one possible reason for the answer. As you aware there are many possibilities of errors, please share your experience with us. Post them via comments.

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Flow Transmitter Readings mismatch with DCS

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