How Not to Install an Instrument and Wrong Practices

If you ever find yourself working at a facility where you witness something as awful as what you see here, you have a professional obligation to take some corrective action. Even a “small” gesture such as bringing it to the attention of someone who can devote resources to the problem’s correction is not wasted. Whatever you do, though, please do not contribute to the chaos!

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1.Bad Junction Box : Water Inside

2. Wrong Pressure Transmitter Installation

3. Wrong Thermowell Installation

4. Wrong Orifice Installation

5. Bad impulse Tubing

6. Wrong Valve Mounting

7. Damaged Gauges

8. Wrong MOV Handwheel

9.How not to install magnetic flowmeters

10. Wrong labeling

11. Bad Jumpers

12.  Bad Leak Plug & Bad Operations for LT

13. Field Instruments Without canopy 

Instruments Without canopy

Image Submitted by : Vishal

14. Improper Glanding and Mounting

Instruments Improper glanding and mounting

Image Submitted by : Vishal

15. Wrong Panel Ground

Wrong Panel Ground

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