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What is Rewire Tool in Simatic Manager?

This article is about to use of a rewire tool using Simatic manager.

Rewire tool is only used when you want to replace old input or output with a new one.

You can use this only in an offline window of Siemens Simatic Manager.

Rewire Tool in Simatic Manager

Do follow the below steps to know how to replace old I/Os with a new one using rewire tool.

To make changes, always remember to select the block which you want to replace with new I/Os.

If you select only a single or few blocks then changes only apply to the selected blocks and not to the whole project.

 Step 1:

Open Simatic manager. Select the “blocks”.

Open Simatic manager function blocks

Step 2:

To open a rewire tool, you can open it in two ways.

First, select the block and go to the option where you can find “rewire”.

Second, select block and do right click and choose “rewire”.

Rewire Tool

Step 3:

The following window will open up. Here, you can add old addresses and replace it with a new one.

rewire tool in simatic manager

Step 4:

For example, I have changed some of the addresses as shown in the below window.

After adding addresses click “ok” to proceed.

STEP7 Rewire tool

Step 5:

The following pop-up will open. Click “yes” to proceed.

Rewiring Function

Step 6:

The following list of the changes will appear in the notepad. Where you can see the list of the block and were changes made to.

You have successfully made changes to the addresses.

Rewiring STEP 7 Simatic Manager

Author: Suhel Patel

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What is Rewire Tool in Simatic Manager?

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