Omron PLC Online Training Course

Omron PLC online training course helps you to learn basic ladder logic programming using the CX-programmer software.

Instrumentation Tools provides you free access to the technical videos related to the Omron Programmable Logic Controllers and their programming learning resources.

In this PLC course, you will learn about the fundamental PLC logics, bit logics, timers, counters, math instructions, data movement, data conversion instructions, etc.

We also provide you the examples & problems to understand the basic concepts in PLC and their solutions in an easily understandable way for beginners.

This course provides you the simple assignments to test your skills in programming the Omron PLCs.

You will get a course-related test on Omron PLC at the end of the course. This test is available to the registered users on the Automation Community website.

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Omron PLC Online Training Course

Omron PLC Online Training Course

The below table shows the list of all topics in this PLC training course.

S.No.Omron PLC CourseVideos
1Basics of Industrial AutomationVideo
2Introduction to Control SystemVideo
3Basics of PLCVideo
4Basics of Ladder LogicVideo
5Introduction to Omron PLCVideo
6Data Types in PLCVideo
7Download and Install CX-Programmer SoftwareVideo
8Tools and Menu in CX-ProgrammerVideo
9Omron PLC AddressingVideo
10PLC Modes of OperationVideo
11How to Create New Project in Omron PLC?Video
12Omron PLC SimulatorVideo
13Basic PLC ProgrammingVideo
14Normally-Open and Normally-Close ContactsVideo
15Logic Gates Ladder LogicVideo
16NAND and NOR in PLC ProgrammingVideo
17XOR Logic Gate in PLC Ladder DiagramVideo
18Latching in PLC Ladder LogicVideo
19Unlatching in PLC Ladder LogicVideo
20Ladder Logic ExampleVideo
21Trolley Example Program in PLCVideo
22Set and Reset in Omron PLCVideo
23Rising Edge and Falling Edge in Omron PLCVideo
24Differentiate-Up and Differentiate-Down InstructionsVideo
25Keep Instruction in Omron PLCVideo
26Interlocking Concept – What is an Interlock?Video
27Interlock (IL) and Interlock Clear (ILC) InstructionsVideo
28Timers Overview in CX-ProgrammerVideo
29TIM and TIMX Timer InstructionsVideo
30TMMH and TMMHX Timer InstructionsVideo
31Omron PLC Timer Example ProblemVideo
32TIMH and TIMHX Timer InstructionsVideo
33PLC Totalizer – TTIM InstructionVideo
34Water Sprinkler PLC ProgramVideo
35Switch and Lamp Ladder LogicVideo
36Omron PLC Counter InstructionsVideo
37Up Counter – CNT InstructionVideo
38Reversible Counter – CNTR InstructionVideo
39Reset Counter and TimerVideo
40Conveyor Belt PLC Programming ExampleVideo
41PLC Programming Example with CountersVideo
42Simple Car Parking Example in PLCVideo
43Arithmetic Instructions in Omron PLCVideo
44Multiplication and Division InstructionsVideo
45Omron PLC Comparison Instructions Part 1Video
46Compare Functions in Omron PLC Part 2Video
47Block Compare Function – BCMP InstructionVideo
48Area Range Compare Instruction with ExampleVideo
49Block Set – BSET InstructionVideo
50Omron PLC Move InstructionVideo
51Data Exchange InstructionVideo
52Data Collect InstructionVideo
53Move Bit InstructionVideo
54Shift Register – SFT InstructionVideo
55Rotate Left – ROL InstructionVideo
56Rotate Right – ROR InstructionVideo
57Binary Increment and DecrementVideo

We will update the Omron PLC course with more topics, exercises, and example ladder logic. Some videos access will be available to Instrumentation Tools Youtube channel subscribed members.

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The Benefits are

  • Resume at last lesson
  • Discussion group
  • Assignments
  • Quizzes
  • Certificate

We are planning to make more courses which are free of charge as our main motto is to make the learnings reachable to as many people as possible and get it utilized for their best. Donate Now.

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