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Pressure Gauge Functional Testing

Pressure Gauge Functional Testing

Test Equipment Required

  1. Dead Weight Tester
  2. Test Gauge

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 Typical Test Set-up

Pressure Gauge Functional Testing



a. Check and confirm pressure gauges range is as per data sheets.

b. Hook-up instruments as per typical test set-up.

c. With calibration pressure at zero, confirm the gauge indicates zero.

d. Apply calibration pressure at 100% of range. confirm the gauge indicates maximum span.

e. Carry out 5 points calibration check at 0%, 25%, 50%, 75%, 100% of span for rising and falling.

f. Record all results in Instrument Calibration (Indicator, Recorder) Checksheet.

Note: Hydraulic pump/ test gauge to be used in lieu of deadweight tester for site Calibration.

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