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Pressure Control Valves vs Pressure Regulators

Pressure Control Valves vs Pressure Regulators:

What is the Difference & Where Are They Used?

Pressure Regulators vs Pressure Control Valves

The Difference

Pressure Control Valves are ideal for applications requiring a reduced pressure to a cylinder whereas Pressure Regulators are used to maintain a pre-set downstream pressure.

Proper Installation

The Pressure Control Valve is designed for use between a valve output and a cylinder or other volume, where the reduced pressure is desired.  A high volume check valve is built in to allow for rapid reverse flow.  It is also ideal for continuous flow applications where reverse flow is not required.

A Pressure Regulator is installed before a valve to allow a pre-set pressure to flow downstream to a cylinder or other volume.  Placing the regulator before the valve in a pneumatic system ensures that the regulator will not be cycled or exposed to reverse flow.

Installing the Proper Regulator Conserves Air & Saves Energy

The primary purpose of a Pressure Regulator is to ensure that compressed air in a pneumatic system is not wasted.  Installing a regulator that is too large for your system will increase air usage and waste energy.  Therefore, properly sizing and setting your regulator is crucial for efficient air consumption.Pressure Regulators

To ensure that the appropriate regulator is used in your application, we recommend that you determine how much air the end actuator consumes to function properly (flow) and how much force is needed at that actuator (pressure).  Using this information, select a regulator that meets your flow rate requirements and then set it for the pressure needed at the actuator.  This simple process will result in efficient air usage and energy savings.

Another great way to reduce air consumption and save energy is to control cylinders with individual regulators rather than installing one large regulator.  The purpose or job of the cylinder will determine the amount of force needed at that location in the application.  Since these requirements can vary, installing individual regulators will allow you to set and use the exact amount of pressure required to accomplish the job.

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