MicroElectronics and Integrated Circuits Objective Questions and Answers

In this article, we published the 100 microelectronics and integrated circuits objective and answers for electrical and instrumentation engineers.

MicroElectronics Objective Questions

MicroElectronics and Integrated Circuits Objective Questions and Answers

The below list provides all the multiple-choice questions (MCQ) related to microelectronics and integrated circuits.

Answers are available at the bottom of the article.

1. Dual-in-line pick up (DIP) is the most popular IC package because

A)It ruggedly resists vibration due to its solid construction
B)It is one of the tiniest packages known
C)It is low in cost
D)All of the answers

2. If the base 10 is called a decimal number system, then the base 12 is called

A)Duodecimal number system
B)All of the answers
C)Bidecimal number system
D)Duodecimal number system

3. What is the package suffix code for a plastic dual-in-line for surface mounting on PC board?


4. What is the most commonly used type of linear IC?

A)Operational amplifier
B)555 timer
C)LM 340

5. A mass of metal attached to the case of a transistor to allow the heat to escape more easily.

C)Heat sink

6. In the standard letter-number identification code of operational amplifiers, the letter prefix which normally consists of two or three letters identifies the

A)Type of op-amp
B)Temperature range of operation
C)Type of packaging

7. What is VCO

A)All of the answers
B)Exhibits a frequency that can be varied with a dc control voltage
C)A single pole low pass filter
D)Is the terminal of the op-amp where input resistors are placed

8. For a constant input voltage to an integrator, why is the voltage across the capacitor linear?

A)Capacitor current is linear
B)Capacitor diode does not dissipate heat
C)Capacitor current is constantly changing
D)Capacitor current is constant

9. A type of ground that appears at the inverting input of an op-amp that uses negative feedback.

A)Equipment ground
B)Virtual ground
C)Earth ground
D)True ground

10. The unwanted capacitance between connecting wires and ground.

A)Feedback capacitance
B)Summer capacitor
C)Biasing capacitance
D)Stray wiring capacitance

11. An op-amp circuit that has its output tied directly to the inverting input terminal is called a ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​

A)Non-inverting amplifier
B)Voltage follower
C)Inverting amplifier
D)Current follower

12. Which of the following is not part of the three temperature range codes of op amps for commercial, industrial and military applications?

A)0 to 70 ºC
B)-30 to 200ºC
C)-55 to 125 ºC
D)-25 to 85 ºC

13. Which of the following IC processes digital signals?

A)Monolithic IC
B)Linear IC
C)Digital IC
D)Discrete IC

14. What is the typical total power dissipated by the operational amplifier?

A)500 mW
B)5 mW
C)50 mW
D)0.5 mW

15. Which of the item below is an advantage of a shunt regulator over a series type?

A)A non regulating device
B)Has an inherent current limiting
C)Efficient than series regulator because of its component used
D)None of the answers

16. What is a complete electronic circuit, containing transistors, diodes, resistors and capacitors processed on and contained entirely within a single chip of silicon?

A)Monolithic IC
B)Integrated circuit (IC)
C)Digital IC
D)Linear IC

17. In IC op-amps, the input bias current is defined as the

A)Average of the two base currents
B)Inverse of the base currents
C)Difference of the base currents
D)Total of the base currents

18. The typical dimension of a BJT in a single IC chip is

A)1.5 mils x 3 mils
B)4 mils x 6.5 mils
C)3 mils x 4.5 mils
D)2 mils x 12 mils

19. The reason why integrated circuits are divided into digital linear categories is because

A)They either process analog or digital signals
B)Up to the present these are the only two known categories
C)They are simply circuits that happen to be constructed integrally and like all circuits are either switching type or amplifying type
D)They are either used as input of output components

20. The amplifier CMRR of µA 741 op-amplifier is

A)80 dB
B)90 dB
C)70 dB
D)60 dB

21. What is the specific application of µA741C op-amp

A)For commercial
B)For industrial
C)For military
D)For experimental

22. To convert a summing amplifier of an averaging amplifier

A)The ratio of Rf/R must equal to the reciprocal of the number of inputs
B)All inputs must be of the same value
C)All input resistors must be of different value
D)The ratio of Rf/R must equal to the number of inputs

23. The term monolithic is derived tom a combination of the Greek words monos and lithos which means


24. For most commercial and industrial operations, ICs are tested in the temperature range of

A)-10 ºC to + 25 ºC
B)-55 ºC to +125 ºC
C)-173 ºC to + 100 ºC
D)0ºC to +70 ºC

25. A device that contains its own transistors, resistors, and diodes

A)Logic gates
C)All of the answers
D)Integrated circuit

26. The absolute maximum rating for op-amps interval power dissipation is

A)500 mW
B)200 mW
C)100 mW
D)300 mW

27. CMRR means

A)The ratio of the differential voltage gain to common-mode voltage gain
B)Common-mode rejection ratio
C)The difference between the two base voltages
D)Both Common-mode rejection ratio and The ratio of the differential voltage gain to common-mode voltage gain

28. An integrator op-amp uses what element in the feedback path?


29. ICs for military and space applications are tested in the temperature range of

A)-55 ºC to +125 ºC
B)-10 ºC to + 25 ºC
C)0ºC to +70 ºC
D)-173 ºC to + 100 ºC

30. After assembly, the ICs are tested and classified as either

B)Military or industrial
C)Military and industrial

31. The unity gain frequency of an op-amp

A)It equals the gain bandwidth product
B)Indicates the highest usable frequency
C)Is the frequency where the voltage gain of an op-amp is 1
D)All of the answers

32. What is the summing point in op-amps?

A)Acts as a scaling differentiator
B)Determines the rate of change of the integrator output voltage
C)A terminal of the op-amp where the input resistors are commonly connected
D)Simulates mathematical integration

33. What is the approximate short circuit current output of 741 op-amp?

A)30 mA
B)35 mA
C)25 mA
D)15 mA

34. The integrated circuit was invented at Texas instrument in 1958 by

A)Harold Lanche
B)Jonathan Kurtz
C)James Faug
D)Jack Kilby

35. Most linear ICs are low-power devices with power dissipation ratings of

A)Less than 1 W
B)5 W
C)More than 1 W but less than 2 W
D)1 µW

36. What is the typical input bias current of a 741 operational amplifier?

A)80 nA
B)100 nA
C)90 nA
D)70 nA

37. Which integrated circuit is having more than 1000 gates?

A)Large-scale integration (LSI)
B)Medium-scale integration (MSI)
C)Small-scale integration (SSI)
D)Very large-scale integration (VLSI)

38. Which integrated circuit is having 10 to 100 gates?

A)Large-scale integration (LSI)
B)Medium-scale integration (MSI)
C)Small-scale integration (SSI)
D)Very large-scale integration (VLSI)

39. The summing amplifier has two or more inputs, and its output voltage is proportional to the ____ of the algebraic sum of its input voltages.


40. A technique used to eliminate the need for inductive elements in monolithic integrated circuits.

A)RC synthesis
C)LC synthesis
D)Projection printing

41. The typical dimension of a MOSFET in a single IC ship is

A)4 mils x 6.5 mils
B)2 mils x 12 mils
C)3 mils x 4.5 mils
D)1.5 mils x 3 mils

42. A base circuit that a designer can modify to get more advanced circuits

A)Peak detector

43. Which of the following IC processes analog signals?

A)Monolithic IC
B)Digital IC
C)Discrete IC
D)Linear IC

44. Astable multivibrator is

A)A square wave clock
B)Equivalent to a flip-flop
C)A one-shot multivibrator
D)Monostable in nature

45. What is the typical input resistance of the op-amp amplifier when measured under open loop?

A)​2.5 M​Ω
B)1.5 M​Ω​
C)​​2 M​Ω​
D)3 M​Ω​

46. The gain reduction in operational amplifier is known as


47. What is the letter prefix used by the Fairchild Semiconductor on their op-amp product?


48. An integrated circuit for both astable and monostable applications

A)555 timer
B)Monolithic ICs
C)Discrete ICs
D)741 op-amp

49. The op-amp comparator circuit uses

A)A resistor
B)No feedback
C)Negative feedback
D)Positive feedback

50. Which integrated circuit is having more that 100 gates?

A)Very large-scale integration (VLSI)
B)Large-scale integration (LSI)
C)Small-scale integration (SSI)
D)Medium-scale integration (MSI)

51. In IC op-amps, one of the most important input characteristics is the ​_____ which is defined as the difference between the base currents.

A)Input offset current
B)Total base current
C)Input bias current
D)All of the answers

52. The ______ of an op amp is its voltage gain when there is no negative feedback

D)Unity gain

53. ICs have advantages over discrete device circuits which is

A)All of the answers
B)Lower cost
C)High reliability
D)Smaller size

54. Plastic dual-in-line for insertion into sockets has a package suffix code of

D)Both N and P

55. The intel i486 32-bit microprocessor incorporates ​______ transistors on a single chip.

A)2 million
B)100 thousand
C)200 thousand
D)1 million

56. What is the purpose of a comparator in op-amps?

A)To amplify an input voltage
B)To maintain a constant output when the dc input voltage changes
C)To detect the occurrence of a changing input voltage
D)To produce change in output when an input voltage equals a reference voltage

57. Which of the items below is equivalent to a relaxation oscillator?

A)Monostable multivibrator
B)Astable multivibrator
C)Bistable multivibrator

58. What is the slew rate of a 741 operational amplifier?

A)1 V/µs
B)0.5 V/µs
C)0.5 V/ms
D)1 V/ms

59. What characteristic does not apply to an op-amp?

A)High gain
B)High input impedance
C)Low power
D)Low output impedance

60. MPP value in an op-amp is synonymous with

A)Output voltage swing
B)The maximum unclipped peak-to-peak output of an amplifier
C)All of the answers
D)Equal to the difference of the two supply voltages

61. The three most common package suffix codes are the following except one


62. What provides a parameter specifying the maximum rate of change of the output when driven by a large step-input signal?

A)Step rate
B)Slew rate
C)Dynamic rate
D)Step rate

63. Monolithic ICs are

A)Used for high power application
B)Forms of discrete circuits
C)Also called hybrid ICs
D)Combination of thin-film and thick-film circuits

64. In most modern IC op-amps, the 741 requires ​______ power supplies


65. Microwave ICs cover the frequency range from

A)0.5 to 15 GHz
B)30 to 45 GHz
C)45 to 100 GHz
D)15 to 30 GHz

66. What is the most common method used for growth of single crystals for IC fabrication?

A)Epitaxial growth
B)Czochralsky pulling technique
C)Film deposition

67. What is the highest undistorted frequency out of an op-amp for a given slew rate and peak voltage?

A)3-dB bandwidth
B)Power bandwidth
C)Cut-off frequency
D)Critical frequency

68. A circuit whose components are soldered or otherwise connected mechanically

A)Non discrete circuit
B)Integrated circuit
C)Discrete circuit
D)Biasing circuit

69. To use a comparator for zero-level detection, the inverting input is connected to

A)A negative reference voltage
C)The dc supply voltage
D)A positive reference voltage

70. The package suffix code for ceramic dual-in-line is


71. What identifies the package style that houses the op amp chip?

A)Military specification code
B)Letter suffix
C)Circuit designator
D)Letter prefix

72. The letter prefix LM identifies which of the following manufacturers?

C)National semiconductor corporation
D)Texas instrument

73. An oscillator is described by

A)No feedback
B)An integrator or differentiator
C)Regenerative feedback
D)Unity gain and zero phase shift around the feedback loop

74. A signal that is applied with equal strength to both inputs of a differential amplifier or an op-amp.

A)Common-emitter circuit
B)Common mode signal
C)Common-ration signal

75. How is the output of a differentiator related to the input in an op-amp?

A)The output of a differentiator is proportional to the rate of change of the input
B)The two parameters are not related
C)The two parameters are always equal to each other
D)The output of a differentiator is inversely proportional to the rate of change of the input

76. What specification of an operational amplifier which tells how fast the output voltage can change?

A)Slew rate
B)Open-loop voltage gain
C)Frequency response
D)Common mode rejection ration

77. The charge-coupled device (CCD) is a unique and versatile semiconductor structure invented in 1969 by

A)H.H Strellrecht and C.S. Meyer
B)W.S Boyle and G.E Smith
C)D. Cave and W. Blood Jr.
D)W.F Davis and R.C Huntington

78. Integrated circuits having up to 9 gates is called

A)Small-scale integration (SSI)
B)Medium-scale integration (MSI)
C)Very large-scale integration (VLSI)
D)Large-scale integration (LSI)

79. What has been considered as the industry standard of linear ICs?

A)555 timer
B)741 op amp
C)LM 317
D)LM 340

80. Which component cannot be fabricated into ICs?


81. What is the principal method used in the fabrication of semiconductor devices for hybrid and monolithic ICs?

A)Isolation diffusion
B)Epitaxial growth
C)Photolithographic process
D)Planar technology

82. A capacitor inside an op-amp that prevents oscillations

A)Limiting capacitor
B)Coupling capacitor
C)Biasing capacitor
D)Compensating capacitor

83. An IC op-amp that combines FETs and bipolar transistors.


84. What is the most popular IC used in timing circuits?

A)LM 340
C)555 timer
D)LM 317

85. When higher power ICs are needed, we can use

A)Monolithic ICs
B)Thick film ICs
C)Both Thin film ICs and Thick film ICs
D)Thin film ICs

86. Which of the choices below are sources of output offset voltage?

A)The difference in transistor voltage
B)The difference in​ VBE ​values
C)All of the answers
D)The difference in ​VCE ​values

87. The typical dimension of a diode in a single IC chip is

A)2 mils x 12 mils
B)3 mils x 4.5 mils
C)1.5 mils x 3 mils
D)4 mils x 6.5 mils

88. The rate of gain reduction in operational amplifers

A)10 db per decade (-10db/decade)
B)6 db per decade (-6db/decade)
C)20 db per decade (-20db/decade)
D)5 db per decade (-5db/decade)

89. In terms of circuit components, what does the term pole refer to?

A)A single RC circuit
B)A cascaded amplifier
C)A single RL circuit
D)A summing amplifier

90. In a 5 V level detector circuit

A)The input signal is connected to +5V
B)The noninverting input is connected to +5V
C)The input signal must be riding on a +5V dc level
D)The inverting input is connected to +5V

91. The voltage gain of differential amplifier

A)Is half of either collector current
B)Equals the AC collector resistance divided by two times the AC resistance of the emitter diode
C)Is the sum of two emitter currents
D)Equals the difference between two base currents

92. The value of the input voltage that switches the output of a comparator or Schmitt trigger

A)All of the answers
B)Trip point
C)Threshold voltage
D)Firing voltage

93. What is the absolute maximum rating for an op-amps differential input voltage?

A)​±​50 V
B)​±​20 V
C)​±​10 V
D)​±​30 V

94. Considered as the fundamental form of IC


95. In an op-amp integrator, the feedback path consist of

A)A resistor and a capacitor in series
B)A capacitor
C)An inductor
D)A resistor and a capacitor in parallel

96. Most op-amps circuit use

A)Negative feedback
B)Positive feedback
C)Open-loop operation
D)Closed-loop operation

97. The maximum rate that an output voltage of an op-amp can change

B)Tail current
C)Input offset voltage
D)Slew rate

98. What type of response characterizes the single pole low pass filter?

A)Current downward up to the maximum frequency
B)Flat from dc to the critical frequency
C)Curved upward to the maximum frequency
D)No response characteristics

99. What process is used to produce IC semiconductor elements?

A)Alloy junction
B)Grown diffusion
C)Planar diffusion
D)Mesa diffusion

100. Upon what principle does a relaxation oscillator operate?

A)Resistor in cascade
B)Switching transistors
C)The charging and discharging of capacitor
D)The rectification process of a diode

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