Electrical & Electronics Measurements Objective Questions – Set 5

In this page you can practice Electrical Measuring Instruments Quiz questions answers, Test on electrical measuring instruments with answers.

Quiz on Electrical Measurements

Electrical & Electronics Measurements Objective Questions

1. The measurement of a quantity

A) is a comparison of an unknown quantity with known quantity.
B) is a comparison of an unknown quantity with another quantity.
C) none of the answers
D) is a comparison of an unknown quantity with standard.

2. Kelvin double bridge is used to measure low resistance because

A) Resistance variation due to temperature.
B) Effect of contact and lead resistance is eliminated.
C) There is no thermo electric emf.
D) It has high sensitivity.

3. Attraction and repulsion type instruments are the two different types of which instrument?

A) Induction type.
B) Moving iron type.
C) Dynamo-meter type.
D) Multipliers.

4. An electrodynamic meter can be used to measure

A) AC volatge.
B) DC current.
C) both AC and DC voltage.
D) DC voltage.

5. The main advantage of Anderson bridge over Maxwell bridge is that

A) measures high Q inductors.
B) balance equation independent of frequency.
C) attaining balance condition is easier.
D) reduction of the cost.

6. The internal resistance of Weston standard cell is of order of

A) 1 ohm.
B) 100 ohm.
C) 1000 ohm.
D) 10 ohm.

7. The errors introduced by an instrument fall in which category?

A) Gross errors
B) Systematic errors
C) Random errors
D) Environmental errors

8. Schering bridge is used to measure which of the following?

A) Inductance.
B) Capacitance.
C) Frequency.
D) Resistance.

9. The difference between the measured value and the true value is called

A) relative error
B) absolute error
C) probable error
D) gross error

10. Which of the following meter is most suitable for measuring radio frequency currents?

A) Moving – iron meter.
C) Moving – coil meter.
D) Thermocouple meter.

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