Basic Electronics Questions and Answers

You can check your technical skills with our objective questions and answers on basic electronics subjects with an online practice examination.

Basic Electronics Questions

Basic Electronics Questions and Answers

The sample 25 questions are listed below.

Question 1:

Which of the following statement is correct

A) FET and junction transistor both are unipolar
B) The FET is bipolar, while junction transistors are unipolar
C) FET and junction transistor both are bipolar
D) The FET is unipolar, while junction transistors are bipolar

Question 2:

Thermal runaway of a transistor occurs when

A) Transistor joints melt due to high temperature
B) There is excessive leakage current due to temperature rise
C) Heat dissipation from transistor is excessive
D) None of these answers

Question 3:

Which coupling produces the minimum interference with the frequency response

A) Transformer coupling
B) Impedance coupling
C) RC coupling
D) Direct coupling

Question 4:

In an NPN transistor, if the emitter junction is reverse biased and the collector junction is also reversed biased, the transistor will operate in

A) Cut-off region
B) Inverted region
C) Saturation region
D) Active region

Question 5:

In a transistor leakage current mainly depends on

A) Doping of base
B) Temperature
C) Rating of transistor
D) size of the emitter

Question 6:

When a transistor is connected in common emitter mode, it will have

A) Medium input resistance and high output resistance
B) Low input resistance as well as output resistance
C) Negligible input resistance and high output resistance
D) High input resistance and low output resistance

Question 7:

In amplifiers, the parasitic oscillations result due to

A) Push-pull operator
B) Negative feedback
C) Transistor inter-junction capacitance
D) Poor inter-stage coupling

Question 8:

As compared to a CB amplifier, a CE amplifier has

A) Higher input resistance
B) Lower input resistance
C) Lower current amplification
D) Higher current amplification

Question 9:

Which of the following is necessary for transistor action

A) The base region must be very narrow
B) The base region must be made of some insulating material
C) The collector region must be heavily doped
D) The base region must be very wide

Question 10:

The common base configuration is little used because

A) It has very high gain
B) It does not heat up
C) It has high input impedance
D) It has low input impedance

Question 11:

Conventional biasing of a bipolar transistor has

A) EB reversed biased and CB forward biased
B) EB forward biased and CB forward biased
C) EB reversed biased and CB reverse biased
D) EB forward biased and CB reverse biased

Question 12:

A quiescent state of a transistor implies

A) Zero bias
B) No input signal
C) No distortion
D) No output

Question 13:

The circuit consisting of two transistors connected in series with dc supply voltage is called

A) Complementary symmetry
B) Differential pair
C) Stacked V+
D) Push-pull

Question 14:

The emitter region in the NPN transistor is more heavily doped than the base region so that

A) Flow across the base region will be mainly of holes
B) Base current is low
C) Flow across the base region will be mainly of electrons
D) Base current is high

Question 15:

Which class of amplifiers operates with the least distortion

A) Class C
B) Class A
C) Class D
D) Class B

Question 16:

The heat sink disposes off heat mainly by

A) Natural convection
B) Radiation
C) Conduction
D) Forced convection

Question 17:

A bipolar transistor is a _________ controlled device whereas a FET is a _________ controlled device

A) Current-current
B) Voltage-current
C) Voltage-voltage
D) Current-voltage

Question 18:

A Junction Field Effect Transistor can operate in

A) Enhancement mode only
B) Depletion mode only
C) Neither depletion nor enhancement mode
D) Depletion and enhancement modes

Question 19:

Which of the following is the fastest switching device

B) Triode

Question 20:

The advantage of the transistor over vacuum tube is

A) Small size and light in weight
B) All of these answers
C) No heat is required
D) Very low power consumption

Question 21:

The Darlington pair consists of the following two stages

A) CE and CC
B) Both CC
C) CE and CB
D) Both CE

Question 22:

When n-channel depletion type MOSFET is used in enhanced mode

A) The gate will be negative
B) The gate will be at ground level
C) None of these answers
D) The gate will be positive

Question 23:

The input and output signals for the CE amplifier are always

A) Complementary to each other
B) Inphase
C) Out of phase
D) Equal

Question 24:

In oscillators, class C operation is preferred because it

A) Gives larger output
B) Is most efficient
C) It produces nearly square waves
D) has frequent stability

Question 25:

A transistor may fail due to

A) Overheating due to circuit failures
B) Any of these answers
C) Open weld at the wire leads to the semiconductor
D) Short circuit caused by momentary overloads

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