Free Omron PLC Programming Course in HINDI

In this free PLC training course, you will find the PLC programming videos in Omron CX programmer.

These PLC technical training videos are provided for engineering students, entry-level employees, and individuals interested to learn the PLC ladder logic in Hindi.

Free Omron PLC Course in Hindi

Learn PLC programming in Hindi online for beginners and become a PLC programmer with our free Omron training course.

Free Omron PLC Programming Course in HINDI

Omron PLC Course Syllabus

S.No.Omron PLC Training in HindiLessons
1Introduction to Omron PLCVideo
2Download CX-One Omron PLC SoftwareVideo
3Introduction to PLC ProgrammingVideo
4PLC Programming LanguagesVideo
5List of Instructions in Omron PLCVideo
6Introduction to CX-ProgrammerVideo
7Memory Addressing in Omron PLCVideo
8Data Types in CX-ProgrammerVideo
9Create a New Project in CX-ProgrammerVideo
10Comments in PLC Ladder LogicVideo
11Local and Global SymbolsVideo
12Rung and PLC Program DescriptionVideo
13Text Size, Color, and Settings in PLCVideo
14How to do Simulation in Omron PLC?Video
15Operating Modes in Omron PLCVideo
16NO Contact in Omron PLCVideo
17NC Contact in Omron PLCVideo
18The coil in Omron PLCVideo
19AND Logic Gate and Logical AND Word in Ladder LogicVideo
20OR Logic Gate and Logical OR Word in Ladder LogicVideo
21Not Logic Gate in PLCVideo
22NAND Logic Gate in PLCVideo
23NOR Logic Gate in PLCVideo
24XOR Logic Gate and Logical EXOR Word in PLCVideo
25XNOR Logic Gate in PLCVideo
26What is Latching in PLC?Video
27What is Unlatching in PLC?Video
28Trolley Start & Stop Ladder LogicVideo
29What is Interlocking?Video
30Latching and Interlocking Example PLC ProgramVideo
31Interlock (IL) and Interlock Clear (ILC) InstructionsVideo
32Set and ResetVideo
33Rising Edge and Falling EdgeVideo
34DIFU and DIFDVideo
36Introduction to TimersVideo
37Timer Instruction ParametersVideo
38TIM and TIMX TimersVideo
39Difference between Binary and BCD TimersVideo
40High-Speed TimersVideo
41One millisecond TimersVideo
42Totalising TimerVideo
43Long TimerVideo
44Flicker LogicVideo
45Blinking Light PLC ProgramVideo
46PLC Timer Example Problem and SolutionVideo
47PLC Timer Programming ExampleVideo
48PLC Programming Example and SolutionVideo
49Introduction to CountersVideo
50Counter (CNT)Video
51Reversible Counter (CNTR)Video
52PLC Counter Programming ExampleVideo
53Compare InstructionsVideo
54Convert Pushbutton into Toggle buttonVideo
55Area Range CompareVideo
56Block CompareVideo
61Single Word Move (MOV)Video
62Move Bit (MOVB)Video
63Double Word Move (MOVL)Video
64Move Digit (MOVD)Video
65Block Set (BSET)Video
66Data Collect (COLL)Video
67Data Exchange (XCHG and XCGL)Video
68Block Transfer (XFER)Video

We are updating this course with more topics, exercises, and example ladder logic.

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