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Valve Kv Sizing Calculator

This Excel Spreadsheet helps you to calculate the Kv, the flow rate and the differential pressure of a valve or solenoid valve. (Pressure, length and temperature unit conversion is integrated in the excel tool).

Valve Kv Sizing Calculator
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This program operates with Microsoft© Excel software.Depending on your application, choose one of the 3 spread sheets in excel file for air and gas/water and oil/steam. Enter your data in the boxes with blue letters.You will automatically obtain your results in the printed sheet (data will be in red letters).


What this Kv sizing Excel Tool can be used for? 

To determine the 
1. necessary Kv value of a valve
2. pressure drop (DP) across the valve
3. volumetric flow

Download Valve Kv Sizing Calculator

 Password :  instrumentationtools.com

1. To select the correct valve size, calculate Kv value

Input data:

inlet pressure
required volumetric flow
allowed pressure drop (DP)

Result : Kv value

2. To determine the volumetric flow passing the valve

Input data:

inlet pressure
Kv value of the valve
allowed pressure drop (DP)

Result: Actual volumetric flow

3. To determine the required pressure drop across the valve to reach the desirable volumetric flow

Input data:

inlet pressure
Kv value of the valve
desirable volumetric flow

Result: Required pressure drop (DP)

How to use this Kv sizing Calculator

1. Select the correct sheet according to the medium. (air or water or steam)

2. Select either the medium or the specific gravity (except for steam).

3. Select the unit of inlet pressure

4. Select the unit of flow coefficient

5. Select the unit of volumetric flow

6. Select the unit of pressure drop (DP)

7. Use temperature correction if necessary (available option only at Air & Gases sheet).

8. Enter the input data, BLUE colored numbers

9. The results are marked with RED colored numbers.

Other options, table and conversion tables.

1. Estimated orifice size of the Kv values.

2. Conversion table of different flow coefficients.

3. Assistance to determine saturated steam pressure relating to temperature.

4. Print sheet: you can print out of the results. (do not forget to select the right medium sheet)

5. Conversion table for different units of measure of pressure.

6. Conversion table for different units of measure of lenght.

7. Conversion table for different units of measure of temperature.

Formulae Used in Valve Kv Sizing Calculator

Formula Used in Valve Kv Sizing Calculator

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Valve Kv Sizing Calculator

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