Advanced PLC Programming Course

The Advanced PLC programming training course offers you to learn in-depth example programs related to industrial and domestic projects.

This is a special PLC course based on 27 unique projects from simple to complex level-based example programs.

Here you will learn the following concepts for each project in the course.

  • Project objective,
  • PLC Input and Output Wiring,
  • PLC Logic,
  • PLC Ladder Logic,
  • HMI Programming,
  • Simulation of the Project

You are recommended to complete these PLC videos in the sequence given in below table or you can enroll in the course with the given link below.

We are planning to launch more online courses on popular PLC and SCADA based on basic instructions and example problems.

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Advanced PLC Programming Course

Advanced PLC Programming Training Course

The below table shows the list of all topics in this Advanced PLC Programming Training Course.

S.No.Advanced PLC CourseVideos
1Introduction to PLC and HMI SoftwareVideo
2Basics of PLC Programming and SimulationVideo
3Design PLC Simulator LogicVideo
4Design HMI Graphics for the PLC SimulatorVideo
5PLC Programming of Blinking LightVideo
6HMI Programming of Blinking LightVideo
7PLC Programming of Two-Way SwitchVideo
8HMI Programming of Two-Way SwitchVideo
9PLC Programming of Water PumpVideo
10HMI Programming of Water PumpVideo
11PLC Programming of Fans ControlVideo
12HMI Programming of Fans ControlVideo
13PLC Programming of Sequence OperationVideo
14HMI Programming of Production LineVideo
15PLC Programming of Flashing LightsVideo
16HMI Programming of Flashing LightsVideo
17PLC Program of Quiz CompetitionVideo
18SCADA Programming of Quiz CompetitionVideo
19Motor Forward Reverse PLC ProgramVideo
20PLC Graphics Design of Motor LogicVideo
21PLC Programming of Mains Failure ControlVideo
22HMI Program of Mains and Generator ChangeoverVideo
23PLC Logic of Pneumatic Cylinders and Solenoid ValvesVideo
24Graphics and Simulation of Pneumatic Cylinders LogicVideo
25PLC Programming to Control LightsVideo
26SCADA Graphics for Building Lights ON & OFF LogicVideo
27PLC Program for Real-time Street Lights ControlVideo
28HMI Programming for Street Lights LogicVideo
29PLC Program to Count Warehouse ProductsVideo
30PLC Logic Simulation for Products CountVideo
31PLC Control of Main and Auxiliary Motors based on TimeVideo
32PLC HMI Code for Motors START and STOP ControlVideo
33PLC Counting and Packing Boxes on ConveyorsVideo
34PLC HMI Simulation for Packing & Counting BoxesVideo
35HMI Macro Programming and Logic SimulationVideo
36PLC Controls the VFD with HMI ProgrammingVideo
37How to Download the VFD Simulator Software?Video
38PLC HMI Programming and Logic Testing of VFDVideo
39Tank Filling Mixing and Draining PLC LogicVideo
40PLC SCADA Simulation for Mixing Process of a TankVideo
41PLC Programming of Hydraulic Press LogicVideo
42PLC HMI Simulation of Hand Press LogicVideo
43PLC Traffic Light ProgrammingVideo
44PLC SCADA Graphics Creation for Traffic LightVideo
45PLC Programming of Batch ProcessVideo
46PLC HMI Recipe ProgrammingVideo
47PLC Programming for Servo Motor ControlVideo
48HMI Graphics and Tutorial for Servo MotorVideo
49PLC Control Panel Tower Lights and Alarms LogicVideo
50PLC HMI Tower Lights Graphics and SimulationVideo
51PLC Program for Automatic Board Cleaner SystemVideo
52PLC HMI Program for Board Cleaner MachineVideo
53PLC Automation of Door Open and Close LogicVideo
54PLC HMI Door Open and Close SimulationVideo
55PLC Programming for Measuring the FlowVideo
56PLC-based Automatic Stamping ProgramVideo
57SCADA HMI Programming for Stepper MotorVideo

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