Free Control Valves Course

Download the free online control valves course to study and learn about the basics of industrial control valves. This is mainly useful for trainee engineers.

It is a text-based course that focuses on the basics and overview of control valves.

Free Control Valves Course

Free Online Control Valves Course

Course Topics

  • Introduction to Control Valve Terminology
  • Control Valve Types
  • Actuators types
  • Valve Accessories
  • Phenomena Associated to the Control Valve
  • Valve Selection and Sizing
  • Testing and Installation

Click on the below link to start the download.



  1. Do NOT open the files online. You have to download the complete folder.
  2. Download & Extract the folder.
  3. Open Index.Html file to start the course.
  4. Use Laptop or Desktop for rar file extraction.
  5. Mobile not recommended, you may get some error.

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Free Control Valves Course

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