Instrument Panel Cooling Efficiency Enhancement

The article describes a small modification to enhance the cooling efficiency of the instruments panel ,the results will give better performance and longer life of electronic components .

Instrument Panel Cooling

Instrument Panel Cooling Efficiency

Many a times we have seen the cooling efficiency for an instrument panel is not achieved as desired .A small modification  can be helpful for increasing the cooling efficiency of panel.The proposed modification is applicable where only 1 exhaust fan is used in the original panel  supplied as indicated in Fig 1..

Instrument Panel Exhaust Fan

Proposed modification:

The modification can be carried out as indicated in fig 2.The additional fan will help in giving the more amount of fresh air from nature and the overall effect will be reduced temperature inside the panel.

The benefits  will be

  1. Improved cooling
  2. Enhanced life for electronics components
  3. Higher availability of system

Panel Exhaust Fan Efficiency Improved

Article Written by: 

Sh. Pravin V. Maheshkar

Management & technical consultant/trainer  Freelance
Previously Manager –Inst  & Business excellence
(Hindustan zinc ltd ,Echjay steels ltd,total:23 yrs)

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6 thoughts on “Instrument Panel Cooling Efficiency Enhancement”

  1. I have a doubt sir.If the panel locates in field area(local control panel), then dust can easily pass into the panel by bottom fan(New fan).How to solve this issue sir?


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