Gas chromatograph Working Animation

Gas chromatograph Working Animation shows the operation philosophy of GC functionality. 

Gas chromatograph Working Animation
Pic Credits : Emerson

GC Working Principle Briefly :

  • The sample gas will be taken from the Process pipe line through GC Sampling system.
  • A carrier gas (generally Helium) will be used to carry out the collected sample gas through the GC column.
  • The GC Column will be maintained at a standard temperature (85 deg c, changes from vendor to vendor) with the heater.
  • The sample gas will be heated for a certain time in the column. So that all components in the sample gas will be separated in the column.
  • The separated components will travel from column to the detector individually.
  • The detector will detect the respective component voltage.
  • Thus finally we measure all individual components in the sample gas.
  • We plot all measured components in a graph called chromatogram.

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Gas chromatograph Working Animation

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