Deluge Valve Operation

A Deluge system (automatic High Velocity Water Spray System) is a fixed fire protection system, which totally floods an area with pressurized water through a system of piping with open nozzles & sprinklers.

The system piping is empty until the controlling valve is activated by a hydraulic or other types of release systems. Deluge valve has an inlet, outlet & priming chamber.

Deluge Valve

Deluge Valve Parts

The inlet & outlet are separated from the priming chamber by the valve chamber & diaphragm. In the” SET “position, pressure is applied to the priming chamber through a restricted prime line.

The pressure is trapped in the priming chamber & holds the clapper on the seat due to the differential area. When the pressure is released from priming chamber faster than it is supplied through the restricted priming chamber line, the clapper move & allow the inlet water supply to flow through the outlet into the system and associated alarm device.

In case of fire the Quartzoid Bulb sprinkler shall burst at rated temperature due to heat which allow water in the detection pipe to drain out and in process allow the Deluge valve to open fully.

As soon as the Deluge valve opens the water shall flow through the piping to flow water to all water spray nozzles mounted on the piping around the transformer. The water shall be sprayed in Hollow conical spray pattern to cover entire area of the transformer so that the fire on the transformer shall cool due to emulsification as well as fire get extinguish due to cutting off oxygen due to coverage pattern of the nozzle.

The fire shall be controlled and extinguished with the help of the H. V. water spray system.

The indication of operation of the system  is available on the DCS.

Types of Deluge System Activation
Deluge Valve Activation Types

Deluge Valve Manual Operation

Deluge Valve Operation using Manual Valve Animation

Deluge Valve Operation using Solenoid

Deluge Valve Operation using Solenoid Valve Animation

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