Simple High Level Indicator Circuit

A potable (drinking) water storage tank requires a high-level alarm to warn operations personnel of impending overflow conditions.

A high-level switch is on order, but until this switch arrives for installation, you are asked to devise a very simple yet effective high-level indicator device that will function in the interim.

Explain how you would build such a device.

Bonus points for devising a method that uses very simple electronics parts (easily found in a electronics shop).

Simple High Level Indicator Circuit

Since the process liquid is potable water, it is mildly conductive to electricity.

Virtually any high-level alarm circuit built around one or two electrodes located at the high-water level will suffice.

Here is a sample idea:

We can also use a simple transistor for controlling the relay based on the input voltage from the probe.

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Credits: Tony R. Kuphaldt

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Simple High Level Indicator Circuit

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