PLC based Automatic Packaging System

Develop a PLC-based ladder logic program for automatic packaging system according to the logic given below,

  1. Start and stop PB is used to start and stop the whole process
  2. Photosensor is used to detect product.
  3. Once the count reaching 10, the robot arm takes responsible for packing.
  4. Packing complete sensor turns on to restart the process
  5. Stop PB is pressed any time to stop all processes.

PLC Packaging System

PLC based Automatic Packaging System

PLC Packaging Programming

PLC Packaging

Program Description:

Rung 0000:

Start/Stop Pushbutton (PB) latched with memory B3:0/0.

Rung 0001:

B3:0/0 enabled to turn on Conveyer motor (O: 0/0).

Rung 0002:

Photo-sensor (I:0/1) is connected to one shot to give one pulse when a product crossing photo-sensor.

The counter is used to count the number of the product. Robotic arm for packing (O:0/1) is connected in the normally closed contact to give interlocking with conveyor motor.

Rung 0003:

Counter done bit turns robotic arm for packing (O: 0/1) to turn ON and conveyor motor to stop.

Rung 0004:

Packing complete sensor (I:0/3) or manual counter reset (I:0/4) is used to reset the counter which will turn on conveyor motor to start the process again.

Conveyor Motor (O:0/0) is connected in the normally closed contact to give interlocking with a Robotic arm for packing output.


We can use this example to understand the ladder logic in AB Programmable Logic Controllers.

Author: Hema Sundaresan

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