Permit to Work System Online Test

Test your knowledge with the 30 quiz questions and answers on the permit to work system used in the industries.

Permit to Work System

Permit to Work System Online Test

1. What is the maximum validity of a work permit________?

A) Working day only
B) 7 Days
C) 8 hours shift only
D) Working day or 8 hr Shift

2. Lifebuoys with________mtr line should be at piers at work location?

A) 40 mtr
B) 30 mtr
C) 20 mtr
D) 10 mtr

3. Which of the following is not an authorization?

A) Electrical Isolation tag
B) Excavation
C) Confined Space entry
D) Vehicle safety certificate

4. A work permit can be suspended in case of violation by the following________?

A) Issuing authority
B) Natural Disasters
C) Any of the answers
D) Safety

5. Who conducts gas tests outside the operations area for issuing work permits?

A) Operation Personnel
B) Maintenance personnel
C) Safety Engineer
D) Fire officer

6. Gas test is conducted for the issue of work permit in operations area by________?

A) Operation personnel
B) Authorized gas tester from the operation
C) Safety Engineer
D) Contractor

7. Extinguisher used for hot work standby should bear a certificate from________?

A) Maintenance
B) Operations
C) Fire & Security
D) Contractor

8. What is the TLV of Sulphur dioxide?

A) 4 ppm
B) 1 ppm
C) 2 ppm
D) 3 ppm

9. Hot tapping/bracket welding on a tank can be permitted only when the hydrocarbon level is minimum________cms above the welding spot?

A) 80 cms
B) 90 cms
C) 60 cms
D) 100 cms

10. Waiver in case of excavation authorization can be issued by________?

A) Safety Engineer
B) General Superintendent operation
C) Shift controller
D) Shift Leader

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