Flow Measurement Multiple Choice Questions

Flow Measurement Multiple Choice Questions

Question 1

Which of the following flow-measuring elements is inherently linear and requires no signal characterization (e.g. sqaure-root extraction) anywhere in the loop?

(A) Target
(B) Venturi
(C) Orifice plate
(D) Pitot tube
(E) Turbine

Answer : E

Question 2

Bernoulli’s Equation is a mathematical expression of:

(A) The ratio of kinetic to viscous forces in a flow stream
(B) Friction loss as fluid moves through a rough pipe
(C) Potential and kinetic energies in a flow stream
(D) Fluid density and compressibility in a restriction
(E) Vertical height and pressure for a static fluid

Answer : C

Question 3

As an incompressible fluid moves through a restriction,

(A) Velocity decreases and pressure increases
(B) Velocity increases and pressure increases
(C) Velocity increases and pressure remains the same
(D) Velocity increases and pressure decreases
(E) Velocity decreases and pressure remains the same

Answer : D

Question 4

A flag flapping in the breeze illustrates what type of dynamic fluid effect?

(A) Cavitation
(B) Vortex shedding
(C) Transitional flow
(D) Coriolis effect
(E) Laminar flow

Answer : B

Question 5

For accurate operation, orifice plate flowmeters require:

(A) Laminar flow
(B) Fully-developed turbulent flow
(C) Swirls and eddies in the flow stream
(D) Transitional flow
(E) Plug flow

Answer : B

Question 6

A magnetic flowmeter will not properly measure the flow rate of:

(A) Dirty water
(B) Milk
(C) Oil
(D) Caustic
(E) Acid

Answer : C

Question 7

Based on the relative positions of transmitter and orifice plate, this flow-measuring installation is suitable for:

Orifice flow-measuring installation

(A) Slurry flow
(B) Water or oil flow
(C) Gas flow
(D) Steam flow
(E) Laminar flow

Answer : C

Question 8

The purpose for providing ample straight-pipe lengths before and after a flowmeter is to:

(A) Dampen pipe vibrations generated near elbows
(B) Stabilize the flow profile within the flowmeter
(C) Amplify the coriolis effect for better rangeability
(D) Prevent cavitation
(E) Minimize choking under high-flow conditions

Answer : B

Question 9 

A ∆P transmitter calibrated for a range of 0 to 100 ”H2O measures liquid flow through an orifice plate from 0 to 1200 GPH. Calculate the new calibration range for the transmitter if we desire to decrease the flow measurement range to 0 to 700 GPH, using the same orifice plate.

(A) 0 to 34.03” H2O
(B) 0 to 76.38” H2O
(C) 0 to 171.4” H2O
(D) 0 to 293.9” H2O
(E) 0 to 58.33” H2O

Answer : A

Question 10 

Identify which of the following flowmeters inherently measures mass flow rate:

(A) Thermal
(B) Magnetic
(D) Flow nozzle
(D) Vortex
(E) Venturi tube

Answer : A

Credits : by Tony R. Kuphaldt

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