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How to Password Protect HMI in Siemens TIA Portal?

How to Protect HMI From Unauthorized Access in Siemens TIA Portal

In the last article, I cover the creation of the HMI screen. Here in this article let’s learn how to password protect HMI data from unauthorized access using Siemens TIA portal.

We all know that HMI contains a lot of information and we have to decide who is going to have which access, we have to enable password feature.

Download: TIA Portal

Password Protect HMI

Let’s have a look into steps as shown below.

Step 1:

Enter in the TIA PORTAL environment.

Select HMI screen size as explained in the article on how to create HMI screen.

How to Protect HMI From Unauthorized Access in Siemens TIA Portal

Step 2:

As shown in the below window double click on “user administration”.

How to protect STEP 7 (TIA Portal) projects

Step 3:

Clicking on user administration will open the following window. Here you have two options,

  • Users
  • User groups

In the user, you can add the name of the user, automatic log-off time.

In the user group, you can add access to the user.

Password protection Siemens HMI

Step 4:

As shown in the below window by tapping “password” you can set a password.

In the red box you have to checkmark the “automatic on/off” and next set the time as the user leaves the display, it will automatically logoff in the specified time.

How to set password in Siemens HMI

Step 5:

In the user group window, you can make a selection of access.

Here you can see I have selected the “administration group” it has access to all the things which have a tick mark on it. You can change it by removing the tick mark on it.

How to set password in TIA portal

Step 6:

In the second option name, “user” has only access to operate as you can see in the below window.

Tia Portal project HMI user password

Step 7:

Go back to portal view and open “runtime setting”.

Runtime Settings in TIA portal

Step 8:

In runtime, setting choose “user administration” where you can do settings like password validity, password complexity, login attempt, etc. this is a very handy tool to have in your visualization environment.

User Administrator in Siemens Tia Portal

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Author: Suhel Patel

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How to Password Protect HMI in Siemens TIA Portal?

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