How to make RJ45 cable

RJ45 cable is used for connect the ALL HMI and engineer station through a switch to communicated each other. It is used to download the any modification and which is made in graphics in engineering station.RJ45 cable also used for communicate the printer with computer.

Required tool and materials:

  1. Ethernet Cable – Category 5e or CAT5e or CAT6
  2. RJ-45 Crimping tool
  3. RJ45 Crimp able Connectors

RJ45 Cable

Introduction: There are four pairs of wires in an Ethernet cable, and an Ethernet connector (8P8C) has eight pin slots. Each pin is identified by a number, starting from left to right, with the clip facing away from you.

RJ45 Connector Pins


There is two kinds of Ethernet cable is used for communication.

  1. Straight Through
  2. Cross over cable

Straight Through cable: 

STRAIGHT THROUGH Ethernet cables are the standard cable used for almost all purposes, and are often called “patch cables”. It is highly recommend you duplicate the color order as shown on the left. Note how the green pair is not side-by-side as are all the other pairs. This configuration allows for longer wire runs.

Ethernet Cable RJ45

Important Instruction: Always remember that both end connector clip facing away from you when check the color.


The purpose of a Crossover Ethernet cable is to directly connect one computer to another computer (or device) without going through a router, switch or hub.

Ethernet RJ45 CrossOver Cable

Procedure to make RJ45 cable :

Step 1: Cut into the plastic sheath about 1 inch (2.5 cm) from the end of the cut cable. Do not cut deep which may cause damage the insulation of core.

Ethernet Cable cut

Step 2: Unwind and pair the similar colors. Pinch the wires between your fingers and straighten them out in a sequence of color as u want to make cable (Straight cable or cross over cable). The color order is important to get correct

Ethernet Cable Crimping

Step 3: A straight cut across the 8 wires to shorten them to 1/2 Inch (1.3 cm) from the cut sleeve to the end of the wires by crimping tool. Carefully push all 8 unstrapped colored wires into the connector. Plastic sleeve should be inserted proper in connector.

Ethernet Cable Making

Wrong way: The plastic sleeve is not inside the connector where it can be locked into place. The wires are too long. The wires should extend only 1/2 inch from the blue cut sleeve. The wires do not go all the way to the end of the connector. The wires are too short.

Ethernet Cable Making - 2

Crimping the cable: Carefully place the connector into the Ethernet Crimper and cinch down on the handles tightly. The copper splicing tabs on the connector will pierce into each of the eight wires. There is also a locking tab that holds the plastic sleeve in place for a tight compression fit. When you remove the cable from the crimper, that end is ready to use.

Ethernet Cable Crimping Tools

Test the cable: Check the continuity of both connectors each other .Check the cable threw a cable tester or ping from a computer. To check the cable through computer connects both connector in two computers for cross cable and straight cable connect through a switch then ping the computer.

Source : groundcontrol

Article by :
Ashish Agrawal
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