What’s the Best GPS Fleet Tracking Software and Systems?

Fleet tracking software has become popular quite quickly. That’s for a good reason as well. The number of advantages it brings to companies is prominent. Learn how to stay competitive today.

GPS Tracking Fleet Management Software: What To Look For

GPS Tracking Fleet Management Software
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GPS tracker software is gaining a lot of traction. Even experts, advice toward implementing these solutions into your company. Business size doesn’t really matter when benefitting from these apps.

Additionally, the market is filled with promising options. More software releases make it into the spotlight every month as well. If you’re looking for a tracking solution, you’re in the right place.

What’s the difference between good and bad fleet tracker software?

Choosing the right software depends on more than its basic features. You can find a plethora of advanced functions and integrations. Finances Online has a great article covering GPS fleet tracking software in general.

Let’s go through the most important criteria when choosing a GPS track program.

Pricing against budget

Your software needs to contribute to your company’s profitability. Businesses can nullify their benefits quickly if they decide to buy software that’s just too expensive.

The main factor to keep in mind is how much value the software offers. The most common way to do this is to compare its price with its functionality. However, always keep in mind your budget and current needs.

Having the right features

The first step before buying driver tracking software is to think about why you need it. The specific needs you want to cover with the software determine the best program.

Basic features include GPS location, fuel consumption monitoring, and communications. Other than those, you’ll have to evaluate your situation. Don’t get the most features just because of their value. You can save lots of money if you go only for what you really need.

Good customer reviews

You can evaluate market opinion about a platform with a few clicks. Make sure you leverage this advantage when choosing.

Ideally, you want to narrow down a list with a few systems offering what you require. You can curate this list to get the best software for you with reviews. A simple Google search yields countless articles and discussions.

API functionality and integrations

Finally, these two features ensure your software is scalable as your business grows. We mentioned going for the right features at the moment. API functionality lets you add more features as time goes by.

Furthermore, integration with other software ensures you can build a suite hub. You’ll likely integrate more software with time. Having all your technology work together is a crucial advantage.

Top fleet tracking software picks

Connecteam has a great article about the best software. Let’s go through their picks while summarizing every option.

US Fleet Tracking

This software is often a recommendation for the US market. You can learn multiple statistics via in-depth reports.

These include driving behavior, idling, and mileage. It integrates with multiple technologies while offering a mobile app.


Despite being the article’s author, it’s also a great fleet management GPS tracking software. Its features include live GPS feed, including employee timestamps.

You can clear payrolls and schedule shifts while communicating with your drivers.


GeoTab offers an intuitive implementation process. You can track driving hours, legal compliance, and driver safety.

Its main focus is security, so its vehicle maintenance features are the best. You can also verify IDs, encrypt communications, and more.


Onfleet specializes in local delivery and intuitiveness. You can track mileage, routes, and more via deep-but-intuitive analytics.

It comes with a beginner-friendly dashboard, search filters, instant notifications, and several integrations.

Fleet Maintenance Pro

This software comes with unlimited inventory tracking, maintenance tracking, and fuel logs.

Its flexible reports let you optimize your business and routes. The insight GPS fleet tracking offered is excellent for guaranteed returns.

Director Fleet Software

The features in this tool include tracking location and statuses, geofencing, traffic reports, and more.

You can access all this information instantly for every pilot and vehicle. It also sports communication and diagnostic features.


Fleet optimization is the main focus for this vehicle GPS tracking software.

It provides all features necessary to streamline communications and driver safety. If you find anything missing, it features plenty of integrations.


If you’re looking for a flexible tool, Wialon is for you. It offers basic and advanced features, like fuel tracking, reports, and CMS integration.

It’s available on mobile devices, and hundreds of hardware integrations.

Fleet Manager

GPSTrackIt’s app is a great introduction to the industry. It provides asset diagnostic, notifications, driver reports, and open API functionality.

You can leverage automated reports and schedule routes and shifts for your drivers. It’s one of the best feature-price rations available.

GPS Insight

Finally, you can register up to 25 vehicles with GPS Insight. It provides multi-channel alerts, detailed reports, advanced mapping, and more.

You can access historical data, API integrations, and mobile versions. You can try the free demo before investing anything,

Final thoughts

A GPS with multiple metrics beside the map

The market is filled with excellent ways to track your vehicles and deliveries. Your main goal should be a GPS tracking fleet management software that works toward your goals. Our list is just suggestions. Remember to research the most attractive options before making a choice.

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