The Dorm Room Essentials And Why You Need Them

In college, students who choose to stay in the dorm room get only a corner of a room. This little corner becomes your bedroom, study area, and dressing area and serves every other purpose. Most importantly, you get to share this space with someone. In some dorms, the rooms are meant for four students.

That’s a lot for one tiny area, but college students have been managing their little doom room corners for decades. Managing this little area means making it a lot more livable. You’ll need essential things to change the look of your dorm room. These things enhance the touch and feel of your space.

Essential Dorm Room Items Every Student Should Get

Dorm essentials bring a similar bliss to the bliss of being able to buy assignments for a challenging topic. Here are essential dorm room items to include in your essentials list for students moving into college.

20 Essential Dorm Room Items Every Student Should Get

As a college student, there are certain things you can’t do without. These essentials ensure that your room is comfortable and homely for you.

Here’s a detailed list of what you must take along to your college dorm.

1. Bath & bedding items

The dorm room bed style is the twin-size student mattress every student gets to have. This mattress size is usually uncomfortable for students. As a student, you deserve to get a good rest after the hustle and bustle of each lecture day. Your bathing items are also a non-negotiable essential to bring to the dorm.

Here’s a list of bath and bedding items to come with;

  • Comfy bed sheets
  • Mattress pad
  • Throw blankets
  • Quilts
  • Reading pillows
  • Bath and Paper towels
  • Shower shoes, bucket, and basket to carry your bathing items
  • Extra pillows
  • Bathrobe

2. Alarm clock

Every college student needs an alarm clock that wakes them up in the morning. The sounds of alarm clocks are usually louder than the phone alarm. So, get an affordable alarm clock on your bedside table to help you wake up on time.

3. Basic cutleries

Although the dorm cafeteria provides all of this, there will be times when you want to eat back in your room. Have at least one of these cutleries; they always come in handy.

4. Laundry hamper

Your college dorm is not a room you own alone. You will be staying with someone or more than one person. Have a laundry hamper for all your clothes to maintain cleanliness and orderliness. The hamper also comes in handy when going to the laundry room.

5. Plastic drawer

To help you organize and safeguard your belongings in your tiny space. So, get a plastic drawer with at least three compartments. Use the drawers to arrange and keep all your personal effects and reduce clusters.

6. Reading lamp

Reading lamps are a necessity for every college student. Remember you’ll be sharing a room with someone and can’t keep the room light on at night. To avoid this affecting your night reading, get a reading lamp to help you study at night. Also, when getting a desk lamp, go for the rechargeable ones.

7. Comfy reading chair

You shouldn’t just have any chair but one that brings you comfort. A comfy chair helps you stay relaxed while reading. So, take the comfort seriously when you are getting a reading chair.

8. Reading table

Your reading table is another essential you must bring to college. Over time, your reading table will serve other needs, like your eating area. So, make sure you include it in your list. Wooden tables are preferable since they bring more balance.

9. Desktop fan

You are probably not going to have an air conditioner in your room. Even when you do, your roommate will probably want the fan off at some point. Always have your portable fan to use at will.

10. Headphones

There will be times when you want to drown the noise from your room. Get a headphone, preferably a noise cancellation headphone, that wades off the noise and distraction and allows you to rest easy.

11. Stationeries

Every student needs the entire collection of stationaries they’ll need in college. The stationery includes planners, calendars, staplers, notepads, pencils, pens, paper, and envelopes. You’d also need stamps, calculators, highlighters, sticky notes, paperclips, binders, makers, printers, printer paper, and many more items.

12. Trash can

Of course, there’s a need for a trash bin in your dorm room. To avoid litter, bring a tiny trashcan for disposing of your waste. 

13. Full-length mirror

It’s essential to check your outfit before you leave for school. Your dressing mirror is essential and should not be second-guessed. Add it to the list of your needs.

14. Power extension device

It would help if you had a place to charge your phone, laptop, tablet, earpiece, lamp, and other electronic devices that need to be charged.

However, most college dorms only give students access to one wall socket. You’ll require an extension device to allow you to charge all your devices simultaneously.

15. Coffee/tea maker

A coffee/tea maker is another essential you should bring to college. Nothing like having your morning coffee or tea next to you at all times. Having a coffee/tea maker is also essential as it’ll help you save costs on buying coffee in school.

16. Water bottle

It would help if you had a place to put water, coffee, or your smoothie to take to school. Every student should have at least one or two water bottles in school. Your water bottle comes in handy for class.

17. Disinfectants, mosquito repellents & nets

Your dorm room is a public space shared by more than one person, and hygiene in public spaces is essential. So, bring your disinfectant, and also buy mosquito repellents and a net to ward off mosquitos.

18. Extra hooks

Buy hooks that easily stick to different surfaces. You will need a place to hang your bags, towels, and other items without damaging the dorm wall.

19. Sleep masks

You’ll need a sleep mask when it’s too early to put off the room light for early nights and late morning sleep. The sleep masks help to keep out light without affecting your eye.

20. Room Decor

Although your college dorm room has little space, you must make it comfortable. So, add some wall, table, and bed decors to the items you will bring into college. With decors, you elevate the look of your room from zero to a hundred.


Having your essentials in college helps make every student’s environment habitable. Ensure to buy as many dorm room essentials as you believe will liven up the feel and look of your room.

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