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Digital Electronics MCQ

Digital Electronics Objective Questions – Set 10

Practice free online digital electronics mock test and check your scores before the competition.

Practice Free Online Digital Electronics Mock Test

Digital Electronics Objective Questions


A) is programmable
B) all the answers
C) is non volatile
D) is of random-access type


A) can be programmed any number of times
B) can be programmed only once
C) is mask programmed
D) is erasable by ultraviolet light

3. The process of entering information in EPROM is commonly known as

A) storing
B) writing
C) programming
D) none of the answers


A) is non erasable
B) volatile
C) programmable and erasable
D) erasable but not programmable

5. The address bus with a ROM of size 1024 × 8 bits is

A) 10 bits
B) 12 bits
C) 8 bits
D) 16 bits

6. In a read-only memory information can be stored

A) at the time of fabrication
B) by the user a number of times
C) by the user only once during its life time
D) in any of the above ways depending upon the type of memory

7. Which of the following shows the correct attachment of even parity bit to the data 00001001?

A) 000010011
B) 000001001
C) 100001001
D) 000010010

8. The hex address of the 256th memory location is

A) 00FFF
B) 000FF
C) 00100
D) 001FF

9. The largest positive number that can be stored in a computer that has 16-bit word length and uses two’s complement arithmetic is

A) 32,767
B) 32
C) 32,768
D) 65,536

10. An 8 × 4 ROM contains a decoder of size

A) 3 × 4
B) 3 × 8
C) 8 × 8
D) 8 × 4

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Digital Electronics Objective Questions - Set 10

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