Digital Electronics Objective Questions – Set 4

Here is the online Test questions and answers on digital electronics subject with explanation.

Online Test on Digital Electronics

Digital Electronics Objective Questions

1. A full adder has

A) 2 inputs, 1 output
B) 3 inputs, 2 outputs
C) 3 inputs, 1 output
D) 2 inputs, 2 outputs

2. The main equation for a D flip flop is

A) Q=0
B) Q=1
C) Q=D’
D) Q=D

3. The state of a flip-flop can be switched by changing its ________ signals.

A) triggering
B) input
C) clearing
D) output

4. Number of 2 input multiplexers need to construct a 210 inputs multiplexer is _________

A) 129
B) 9
C) 1023
D) 32

5. Odd parity of a bit stream can be tested using ________ gate.


6. For 4 bit parallel addition, we need ________ half adder(s) and ________ full adder(s)

A) 0 and 3
B) 0 and 4
C) 1 and 3
D) 1 and 4

7. A half adder has

A) 2 inputs and 1 outputs
B) 2 inputs and 2 output
C) 1 input and 2 outputs
D) 1 input and 1 output

8. A graphical representation of a products in a truth table is called as

A) Mapping
B) K-Map
C) Graphing
D) T-Map

9. The momentary change in the output/state of the flip-flops is known as

A) trigger
B) tri-state
C) inverter
D) unstable state

10. Simplified form of the function f = (x+y+xy)(x+z)

A) x+xyz
B) x+y
C) y+xz
D) x+yz

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